Penrith trainer Ivan Cleary had to vacate his home in Penrith after the Nepean River hit a 60-year high on Sunday night

The Panthers bus, who lives in son Nathan’s estate while renovating his Northern Beaches home, left the Ladbury Avenue home after NSW State Ambulance Services issued an evacuation warning to nearby residents on Sunday afternoon of the rising river had issued

Ladbury Avenue in Penrith on Sunday afternoon where Ivan Cleary was forced to evacuate (Enclosure) Photo credit: Getty and Nine News

Penrith Chairman Dave Oâ € ™ Neill and Club Social and Education Officer Shane Elford were also evacuated

These are just a few of several flood-related issues that wreaked havoc on Penrith’s great preparations for the final rematch against the Melbourne Storm The club’s training fields are expected to be underwater by Monday as floods rage through west Sydney

The running joke at Penrith is like Nathan is Ivan’s landlord, but on Sunday Ivan moved into the family’s Leonay home, where his son has lived for several months. Residents west of Peach Tree Creek were asked to move their properties vacate

Peach Tree Creek, flowing out of the Nepean River, runs past Penrith’s multi-million dollar high-performance center Club officials are ready for an interrupted preparation for Thursday’s showdown against Melbourne A number of club employees are expected to go missing on Monday as they deal with the effects of the wild weather

The Academy of Penrith (shown on Google Maps) is right next to the crowded Peach Tree Creek

It was predicted that the high water level would rise well over 10 meters by 9 p.m. on Sunday evening and the Panthers ???? Training fields in danger of being swallowed up by the rising water levels of the Nepean River

The level of the Nepean River is higher than the flood event of 1961, the most significant rainfall in 60 years.The Penrith Academy was built in a floodplain, which is why the $ 22 million facility was a few feet above even when it was built in 2016 the field level has been raised The club is confident that the academy will not flood However, there are concerns that the club will have to relocate from a different facility this week

The Panthers are expected to hold a recovery session at the club’s academy on Monday However, plans may change. Residents west of Peach Tree Creek were ordered to evacuate on Sunday afternoon. The academy is 20 meters east of the overflowing creek

Elford also lives on Ladbury Avenue and had to vacate his house while O’Neill lives on a nearby street

The SES instructed residents of West Penrith to safely remove their personal belongings from the high risk area once the flood reaches 96 meters, the Great Western Highway’s evacuation route will be interrupted

Residents have been warned if they stay in the area after 4.30pm they run the risk of being trapped without electricity, water and other vital services.They have also been warned that rising floods could make it too dangerous to conduct a rescue if they decide not to leave their homes

Cleary has been quite unlucky in the past few months.He was put on the mandatory 14-day embargo on northern beaches earlier this year.He also had a COVID test last week after suffering a sore throat, but was later clarified

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Nepean River

World News – AU – Ivan Cleary had to evacuate as the values ​​of the Nepean River break the 60-year record