The government has been under pressure to raise the base rate on welfare to ensure unemployed Australians aren’t forced to live on $ 40 a day coronavirus drug expires in March

The introduction of the coronavirus supplement last April effectively doubled JobSeeker’s rate to $ 55785 per week

The surcharge was cut in September to leave JobSeeker recipients $ 40785 per week and then that was cut back to $ 35785 per week in December

It is planned that it will take place on Jan. March fully ends, meaning the JobSeeker payment is back to pre-pandemic levels

Newspaper reports on Monday indicated that the government is considering making a number of changes to JobSeeker, including increasing the base rate

“I am not going to speculate on speculation in today’s newspapers other than to say that the government will make an announcement about the future rate of job seekers when that increased rate ends in March,” Frydenberg told Sunrise

The treasurer said the extra support the government offered to people who lost their jobs during the pandemic “really helped” them get through

“This ends in March and at that point we will make a decision and announcement about this future course”

7NEWS anticipates that JobSeeker’s “future rate” will not be as low as the prepandemic of $ 40 per day, but lower than the current rate of around $ 50 per day


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