He died on Wednesday of heart problems in a hospital in Dar es Salaam, said Samia Suluhu Hassan in a speech on state television

Mr. Magufuli had not been seen publicly in more than two weeks and rumors about his health were circulating

Opposition politicians said last week that he signed Covid-19 but this has not been confirmed

Mr Magufuli was one of Africa’s most famous coronavirus skeptics and called for prayers and herbal steam therapy to counteract the virus

“It is with great regret that I inform you today that We have lost our brave leader, President of the Republic of Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli,” said Vice President Hassan in the announcement

She said there would be 14 days of national mourning and flags would fly at half mast

According to the Tanzanian constitution, Ms. Hassan will be sworn in as the new president within 24 hours and should serve the remainder of Mr. Magufuli’s five-year term that he began last year

Mr Magufuli was last born on 27 Seen publicly on February, but Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa insisted last week that the president is “healthy and working hard”

But opposition leader Tundu Lissu told the BBC that his sources had told him that Mr Magufuli was being hospitalized in Kenya for coronavirus

When Covid-19 arrived in Tanzania, Mr Magufuli urged people to pray in churches and mosques “Coronavirus, a devil, cannot survive in the body of Christ It will burn immediately,” he said

He declared Tanzania “Covid-19 free” last June and said the virus was eradicated through three days of national prayer

He also mocked the effectiveness of masks, voiced doubts about tests, and teased neighboring countries that were imposing health measures to contain the virus

“Countries in Africa will come here to buy groceries in the years to come They will suffer from the shutdown of their economy, “he said, according to the Associated Press

Tanzania has not released details of its coronavirus cases since May, and the government has refused to buy vaccines

On Monday police said they had arrested four people on suspicion of spreading rumors on social media that the president was sick

John Magufuli cultivated the image of a wild action man, a departure from the restraint and stately style of his predecessors

His interventionist leadership gained fans outside of Tanzania, particularly in the East African region, where he once inspired the Twitter hashtag #WhatWouldMagufuliDo shared by supporters of his no-nonsense approach to anti-corruption

There will be heated debates over his legacy and whether his successor should stay on course or change direction

However, this discussion cannot be separated from the current trend on the continent, where support for democracy is still strong, but most people are increasingly disaffected with not keeping the promised dividends

While a significant number of Africans would prefer an action-oriented leader like Magufuli, they alike want leaders who rule honestly and a government that respects them and does not hide information about their president’s health

Magufuli’s death was attributed to longstanding heart disease, but many will still suspect that he succumbed to Covid-19

It is ironic that the pandemic he so vigorously denied survived him, turning his once-announced presidency into a cautionary story for the region and continent

Mr. Magufuli was born on his 56th birthday Birthday declared president in October 2015 After a controversial poll last year, he was elected for a second term

He was hailed during his tenure for his anti-corruption stance, but he was also accused of cracking down on dissent and restricting certain freedoms

His critics agree that Mr Magufuli contributed to the development of Tanzania.He invested in large infrastructure projects such as a standard-gauge railway to connect the country with its neighbors, major highways and a bus system in the commercial center of Dar es Salaam

In Tanzania, people reacted with sadness and disbelief to the news of Mr Magufuli’s death

One, Joseph Petro, told the BBC that he considered Mr Magufuli a “caring” leader, adding that “he helps people in one way or another”

Another, Illuminata Abel, expressed similar feelings: “He wasn’t my relative, but he was someone who listened to people’s problems and he was down to earth”

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta said, “I have lost a friend, colleague and visionary ally,” declaring a seven-day period of national mourning in Kenya

Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan called Mr Magufuli a “partner in democracy” and a “patriot who loved his country”

But Tanzanian opposition leader Tundu Lissu told the BBC that Magufuli’s “politics, politics and Covid denialism” “drove the country into disaster”

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