Just over three months before Johnny Depp’s $ 50 million libel lawsuit against Amber Heard is finally set to begin, the Pink Actor Fantastic Beasts wants Elon Musk and the American Civil Liberties Union to be implicated in the case

As Depp is waiting for a hearing in the UK next month hoping to appeal the tabloid The Sun late last year for calling him a “bully”, his US. Attorneys have issued subpoenas for the SpaceX billionaire, nonprofit group First Amendment, and its foundation arm.Team Depp is now facing a $ 100 million counterclaim from its Rum Diary co-star and wants Musk and the ACLU Entities sit down to make statements on the matter and pass relevant records about their interactions with Heard

In the Musk subpoena, Depp’s attorneys at Brown Rudnick LLP had 24 inquiries covering essentially “all communication between you and Ms. Heard regarding Mr. Depp The two dozen inquiries include specific inquiries about The Sun case, the ACLU, and allegations of physical abuse or domestic violence made by either Dr Depp or Ms. Heard ”

In the ACLU’s first subpoena (read here), the “issues” sought are essentially the same, with an emphasis on donations, the defamation lawsuit, and conversations about “the relationship between Mr. Depp and Mrs. Heard ”

You may be wondering what Elon Musk and the ACLU have to do with the case that Depp filed against his ex-wife in March 2019 over a Washington Post she wrote in late 2018?

Well, Musk dated the Aquaman actress for a while after her marriage to Depp collapsed, although the latter has repeatedly claimed that the former and Heard were romantically involved before she and Depp split up, which the PayPal co-founder has The claims denied Musk even joked last summer about fixing things up with Depp in a “cage fight” when his name kept popping up during the ongoing British defamation process.The ACLU was one of two organizations Heard announced in 2016 that it was Donated half of her $ 7 million divorce settlement from Depp

Heard was later named ACLU Women’s Rights Ambassador and publicly thanked by the organization’s “incredibly grateful” executive director for “showing her support so generously.” After Heard’s WaPo on domestic violence was published in late 2018, the ACLU released the piece that started this whole lawsuit is again on the group’s website

After the ACLU apparently turned a blind eye to previous subpoena attempts, Heard’s principal attorney Elaine Bredehoft diplomatically admitted last month that her client was “late” as promised to make her full donation to charity

This is believed to be crucial in the UK case, where Heard’s character and donations were a crucial part of Judge Andrew Nicol’s argument, damn it found against Depp excluded from the Fantastic Beasts franchise and well knocked off its A-list perch

Neither Musk nor the ACLU responded to requests from Deadline on their respective subpoenas.After several delays due to bans from Covid-19 and other matters, the trial is currently due on Jan. May begin in Fairfax County, Virginia

The latest subpoenas come as Depp’s side wants permission from the court for “non-party witnesses” to submit “live testimony in court” via the video link due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions

Heard’s lawyers are not 100% against the idea, but they are concerned that the “rules” have already made enough provision for such witnesses to be heard on the motion February is on the court calendar Heard’s motion to appoint a court arbitrator to “assist in discovery disputes”, of which there have been many on the matter, took place on February 7th. Part of this arbitrator’s role, if he or she were appointed, would be to “provide contact information for To coerce witnesses who were identified upon discovery ”

In this sense, it is about the hanging deposit of the lawyer and Depp advisor Adam Waldman, who at times seems to be the focus of this case like the former high-profile couple A letter from 3 February, which was posted on the court record on Thursday, states that finding the normally pronounced Waldman is not easy

“I have made several personal attempts to serve Adam Waldman at two Washington D.C. Addresses with this subpoena but was unsuccessful, ”trial server Mark Simons said in his correspondence with the Supreme Court Clerk for the District of Columbia (read here) Essentially abandoned, Simons says he sent subpoenas to the D.C. Addresses and left it to the clerk’s office “because I can’t confirm a known address of Mr. Waldman”

The frequent tweeter Waldman has been silent since the 21st January on social media He didn’t come back by Deadline when we contacted him about the subpoena snafu

Depp’s desire to drag Musk and the ACLU into the nearly two-year-old case is in many ways a replay of a long-range shot initiated by Heard last month.In January, the actress sent subpoenas to LAPD and Pirates’ Disney studio of the Caribbean for everything they might or might not have about their ex-husband

A request containing “body cam” material from LAPD 911 visits to downtown former couple LEIN apartment in May 2016 The LAPD subpoena also seeks internal communications in the department about her and Depp as well “All documents and communications of any kind with Mr. Depp and / or one of Mr. Depp’s agents, lawyers or other persons acting on his behalf from 21 May 2016 to date ”

One of the sweeping requests for subpoena from Disney is that the House of Mouse provide all information on “incidents of drug or alcohol use (including suspected drug or alcohol use) and details of” delays or delays caused by Mr. Depp ”and“ all cases of violence or abuse by Mr. Depp ”

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World News – AU – Johnny Depp exercises free speech with ACLU & Elon Musk, who was involved in a 50 million dollar case involving Amber Heard USD has been charged

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