Kate Beckinsale had a pretty memorable Wednesday posting a relapse video of herself in a bikini – and she looks amazing

The 47-year-old star wore a burgundy two-piece suit in the footage she shared on Instagram last year and was seen glamorously walking down the steps of a grand mansion

Kate joked about the way she went in paragraphs, suggesting that her mom say she looks like she’s “got the customs stuck”

The UK-born actress said the video was from “this exact time in the last year before Covid” and asked everyone to “stick hard”

Her glamorous look was a far cry from her last post, which left fans open-mouthed for an entirely different reason

She shared a video of herself with a partially shaved head as she transformed into Keith Flint of The Prodigy using an app

In the footage, Kate’s face was transformed into that of the late singer and the results were amazing. Kate titled the clip: “@katebeckinsale as Flint” and her followers were clearly a bit withdrawn from the creation and commented: ” Add this to a list of things I wasn’t expecting today “and” I can’t miss it”This”

There were also many followers who simply cried with laughter with crying emojis

Kate lives in Los Angeles and shares a daughter, Lily Sheen, 21, with her ex, Michael Sheen, with whom she continues to be good friends

The couple went their separate ways in 2002 after seven years together, but when asked about her former partner, Kate recently said, “I really love him and like him and we make each other laugh”

She recently broke up with her much younger boyfriend Goody Grace, 23, with whom she dated for nine months

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Kate Beckinsale

World News – AU – Kate Beckinsale wowed fans with her bikini body in the latest video

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