Katie Price shared her traumatic experience of being assaulted, including being raped in a park when she was only seven years old

The model and TV star said attacks and abuse affected the rest of their lives at a young age and led her to seek help at The Priory rehab center

In an interview for podcast changes with Annie Macmanus, she said, “My thing that has always been wrong in my life is men that has been from a young age

“I was raped as a child at seven that is in my first book I was in a park”

She also talked about being molested by a photographer who ended up going to jail very early in her career

Price said, “He was obsessed with me. He took naughty photos that I thought were innocent at the time. I was 12

“He made these milkshakes I never took one because I didn’t like it. He did that, he made the girls drink them and he drugged them”

Last year, Price stayed at the Priory where she said radio host Annie Mac was life changing for her

When she talked about her father when she was very young, and then about her attack experiences, she said, “So you (in the priory) figured out why I jumped into relationships, this father figure doesn’t want it they always let me down. That was my problem in life, it has to do with men ”

The interview also included a mother of five talking about a horrific attack at gunpoint in South Africa in 2018

In the land that was filmed for her reality show with the children Princess and Junior, she was held at gunpoint by six men after she stopped the car so Junior could go to the bathroom

Price said, “You did something to me in front of my kids in the car. They had a gun on my head We thought we were going to die”

The 42-year-old, who is also the mother of Harvey, Jett and Bunny, is now engaged to Carl Woods

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Katie Price

World News – AU – Katie Price tells the terrible story of rape at the age of seven when she found out about traumatic experiences

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