Posted: 22:05 GMT, Jan. February 2021 | Updated: 02:08 GMT, Nov. February 2021

After months of speculation, Kendall Jenner hit Instagram with NBA star Devin Booker on Valentine’s Day

The 25-year-old model posted a snippet of herself in her Instagram Stories that was under the Phoenix Suns team member when they were fooling around next to a sink

The regular “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” series didn’t label the photo with text, even though a small white heart was added to the top right of the image

Quality Time: On Sunday, Kendall Jenner posted a photo of her having fun with her rumored boyfriend Devin Booker

In no time at all Jenner was wearing a light brown long-sleeved sweater that reached down to the middle of her right forearm

Her gorgeous brunette hair was pressed to the surface of the counter and glittered slightly with the camera’s flash

Booker also kept his clothes casual as he wore a plain white t-shirt to show off his taut arms

He also wore a trucker hat the color of which resembled the top of the social media personality

For the first time: To date, Jenner has not posted any posts with her rumored boyfriend on any of her social media channels

Possible confirmation: Although no person spoke about their relationship, the supermodel added a small white heart to the photo just above Booker’s back He will face the Memphis Grizzlies in January

This post is the first time the media character posts anything about her boyfriend on her social media

Jenner and Booker were spotted together last April when the shooter escorted the model on a road trip to Sedona, Arizona

In the months that followed, they repeatedly sparked rumors of a possible relationship because they shared meals and went shopping together

Getting off: Jenner and Booker have been seen multiple times since they were first hooked up in April last year

Booker dated Jordyn Woods, who used to be friends with the social media personality’s sister, Kylie, briefly

The two have refused to comment publicly on the nature of their relationship, despite sources providing information about the rumored couple to various news outlets

Earlier this month, an insider spoke to Entertainment Tonight and explained why the two managed to make the most of their time together

Take it easy: Earlier this month, a source spoke to Entertainment Tonight and noted that the couple’s relationship works because they keep it simple Booker will be seen competing in 2020

The insider said the two know their respective schedules are usually full and try to bypass each other

‘There are no big expectations or crazy commitments on either side, they have come a lot closer, but Kendall’s schedule is particularly busy and Devin understands that very well’

The source also noted that Jenner ‘is very much her own person too, and enjoys and has her place with family and friends’ leisure time’

Nothing very serious: The insider also noted that neither Jenner nor Booker had “big expectations or crazy commitments.” The model can be seen in 2020

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