WA Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup has admitted he won’t win the election, has Prime Minister Mark McGowan call his opponent as “???? un-West Australian” ????

Mr Kirkup accepted the defeat by Prime Minister Mark McGowan in the upcoming state elections in March but is now campaigning to maintain substantial opposition in parliament to prevent Labor from gaining “absolute power”

Mr McGowan said he never thought of throwing in the towel in the run-up to his 2013 election loss as the West Australian way was to never give up

“We didn’t give up when we fought for the GST or we fought Clive Palmer, we fought the Liberal Party across borders or fought to keep cruise lines out, we didn’t”Don’t give up,” he said

â ???? And I think Western Australians never give up, we shouldn’t assume how people are going to vote, we should respect Western Australians and let them vote according to their opinion, and then we should respect the resultâ ????

The young liberal politician recognized Mr McGowan’s work as prime minister but urged Western Australians to continue voting for their liberal members

“As I find my way around the state, a lot of West Aussies tell me that Mark McGowan’s job is safe. We have to acknowledge that because I don’t want to treat people like cups he wrote in a Facebook post

???? If the prime minister is re-elected, your vote matters for an entirely different reason. Your vote is about who will fight for you on the ground. Your vote matters because you need a strong Liberal party when Labor is doing something wrong or too goes farâ ????

Mr Kirkup said the future of state democracy was at stake, accusing Labor of wanting to wipe out the opposition in order to get exactly what Labor wants: an absolute power with a super majority No Checks and Balancesâ ????

???? Strong opposition makes better government for all So let’s cut the spin and make sure we hold Labor accountable Mr. Kirkup wrote

Mr Kirkup’s new strategy received mixed reviews from talkback callers when three rusty liberal supporters told him on 6PR that he had lost their vote

A poll by Newspoll last week, which was rejected by both major parties, found that the Liberal Party could be reduced to just two representatives in the lower house of parliament in the March elections

A broad poll of Washington voters strongly favored Labor A recent uComms poll for the Conservation Council on Jan. It was found that 61 percent of Labor voters on Jan. March and only 39 percent supported the Liberals in two cases – party preferred base

What is even more worrying for the Liberal Party is what is going on on the outskirts Another uComms poll of 854 residents in Joondalup, Hillarys and Scarborough voters found that 46 percent of those polled would prefer Labor for the first time and only 319 percent would support the opposition

At the time, Mr. Kirkup disapproved of the numbers that past surveys had proven to be unreliable

???? Polls come and go, we’re 21 days away from the next elections, that’s our sole focus at this point he said

The early voting started on Wednesday at 8Midnight across the state Until 1700:00 was almost 2:00 p.m.000 voters removed from the list Early voting centers are open Monday through Friday until April 12 Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. March, except for the long Labor Day weekend, which is Tuesday through Saturday

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Zak Kirkup

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