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The Lakers (31-17) will meet the Clippers (32-18) on Sunday afternoon at 12:30 p.m. on Spectrum SportsNet

Some Lakers had great games that contributed to a 115-94 win in Sacramento, but no one was better than Kyle Kuzma, who only used 18 FGAs to hit a season high of 30, and Kuz added five boards and three assists in 36 minutes for a 29 and made sure Buddy Hield got very few good looks at the tire en route to a 3 for 11 shooting night (1 for 9 out of 3) With LeBron and AD against the Clippers, the Lakers will likely need a similarly effective day from Kuzma against Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

Marc Gasol is more effective than many think … but Frank Vogel is aware of his worth

Frank Vogel on Marc Gasol: “I think people need to understand how important Marc Gasol is He’ll help us win a championship this year Marc is one of our most important players”He dominated the game tonight with 5 points”

There was some attention on Gasol’s post-game comments where he was honest about being replaced with a “hard-to-swallow pill” on the grid, but he also really played on Andre Drummond’s debut (fourth quarter) good basketball and in Sacramento, when he had nine boards, six assists, five points, and a number of excellent defensive games, when he held down LONE color and also stepped forward to help the kings’ guards there are certain matches where LEIN will definitely need gasoline, even with the presence of Drummond, Montrezl Harrell and the minutes that Anthony Davis will play in the middle, the Spaniard can still make a big impression and he will face former Laker Ivica Zubac on Sunday / p>

Withhold your conclusions
Aside from Patrick Beverley and Serge Ibaka, the Clippers have been pretty healthy lately, the Lakers’ 2019-20 new signing and title winner Rajon Rondo, who was acquired in a shop for Lou Williams, is expected to make his Clippers debut on Sunday after he has been since 22 March fails due to a problem with the correct adductor

The Lakers are far from sane, of course, with their two All-NBA First Team stars coming out and Andre Drummond (right big toe bruise) and Wesley Matthews (bruised neck) being classified as questionable with a marquee like this always appealing -Matchup draw important conclusions, but the Lakers can’t think too much about the leaderboard (they’re 0 behind the LAC5 games) or implications for a possible matchup on the road unless they’re naturally able to get around collecting the flag and figuring out a way to beat a Clippers team that suffered two home losses to Orlando and Denver

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Clippers vs Lakers

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