Welcome to the 9NewscomAu live blog for Wednesday 17th February 2021 Victoria will end its third lockdown today after the state did not register any new cases overnight. Plans for a popup quarantine center in Queensland will be presented to the National Cabinet this week, and Ash Barty is in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open

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Unique private label products such as Wild Tides Tuna, Daley St Coffee, Koi Soap and Woofin ‘Good Dog Food saw sales jump 10 percent in the last half of the year to now account for 32 percent of the supermarket’s sales

Buyers may not be fully aware that the brands are owned by Coles, but CEO Steven Cain says the rapid growth in private label products has “been very well received by customers”

“When we started developing the private label many years ago, it was very focused on entry-level price and made sure there was great value at that end of town,” said Cain

Detectives knew almost immediately that the husband of a mother and three children found dead in their home in northwest Melbourne last month was not responsible for the terrible tragedy

The police arrived at Tullamarine’s house around 12 noon January at 8 p.m. they find the bodies of 42-year-old Katie Perinovic and their three children Claire at the age of seven, Anna at the age of five and Matthew at the age of three

The father of the children and Mrs. Perinovic’s husband, Tomislav Perinovic (48), warned and called Triple Zero

The Coroner’s Court of Victoria heard harrowing new details of the tragedy today, including the fact that Mr Perinovic was buying groceries for his family and when he returned he found his three year old son Matthew dead in the kitchen

You can blame the increasingly popular polar vortex that has brought the Arctic to places where winter often only calls for a jacket

Around the North Pole, the ultra-cold winter air is usually bottled at an altitude of 15 to 30 miles

This is the polar vortex that rotates like a swirling tip on top of the planet. But occasionally something bangs against the tip and lets the cold air escape south from its arctic home

It happens more often and scientists are still not entirely sure why, but they suggest it is a mix of natural random weather and man-made climate change

Victorians can earn cash rewards of up to nearly $ 2,500 for eight weeks of fruit picking and encouraging more people to work on farms as part of a new state government program,

The program comes because farmers have repeatedly expressed concern about the mass waste of fruit due to the shortage of foreign seasonal workers in orchards while the Australian border remains closed

The Seasonal Harvest Sign Up Bonus comes in two payments, with $ 810 paid after two weeks of work and an additional $ 1620 after an additional six weeks of work

A Ukrainian invented a murder to clear snow from his street

Tired of waiting for the road to be cleared, the 34-year-old called the police on Saturday to claim he stabbed his mother’s partner, reports AFP

“At the same time, he immediately warned the police that they should come to him with a snow plow as there is no other way to get to him,” said police spokeswoman Yuliya Kovtun

“Immediately after their arrival they found that the relative was in the house, but in one piece and unharmed – no one had attacked him”

Victorian corporations are delighted to hear that the state’s five-day lockdown ends tonight after a tumultuous year of hardship amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The retail and hospitality sector is allowed to reopen from midnight tonight Victorians are encouraged to eat out to support small businesses

Vince Diaco, owner of Rebel Blue Greek restaurant in Windsor, said he was overjoyed to be able to reopen but insisted no more damaging lockdowns could take place

“We’re very excited to go back to normal after a very quick and disappointing decision to lock ourselves up for the third time,” he said

Professor Kelly said there is currently no information to show that the AstraZeneca vaccine is less effective against the highly infectious variants of COVID-19

“Data is coming in every day now and we can see that is the case in the moment,” he said

“We need to get these vaccines out as soon as possible, either the AstraZeneca or the Pfizer vaccine, as both are very life-saving and that is the number one prospect right now”

Professor Kelly said he would like to see as many Australians as possible get the COVID-19 vaccine before winter

“The more people vaccinated, the faster we can return to normal lives,” he said

“As I said earlier, these vaccines will save both lives, and the more people vaccinated the better”

He admitted it will be a challenge to get high vaccination rates but is confident Australians will see the effect of the sting

“We have very good data so far, as assessed by the TGA, our independent regulatory body,” he said

“We’re getting more information from the UK and other countries like Israel, but they’ve had quite a lot of vaccinations in the past few months In fact, I’ve spoken to UK College about it twice in the past week, “he said

“They are very clear about both vaccines that are used in the UK – they use both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines – they find that they both work very well

You are both safe and definitely saving lives We are seeing a very large and rapid decline in hospital stays and death in the UK “

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