The high-profile ABC journalist Leigh Sales made a surprising appearance at the Daniel Andrews press conference She did not hold back

ABC presenter Leigh Sales made a surprising appearance at the press conference of Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews and informed him about the five-day lockdown of the state

Leigh Sales had a fiery interview with Dan Andrews about hotel quarantine Image: NCA NewsWire / David CroslingSource: News Corp Australia

The host of ABC’s flagship current affairs show worried Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews about the state’s quick-lock during a surprise appearance at his daily press conference

The Prime Minister appeared at times uncomfortable during a tense exchange with veteran journalist Leigh Sales accusing him of lack of trust in Victoria’s hotel quarantine system

The 730 Sydney-based hosts who were visiting Melbourne for a friend’s birthday and got into lockdown repeatedly questioned Mr. Andrews about the need for the five-day lockdown during a nearly 10-minute exchange

“How is it that the government still lacks trust in hotel quarantine systems and contact tracing to such an extent that they cannot currently handle two or three cases a day?” Sale asked

“If you have confidence in the system that your own bureaucrat said works reasonably well, why do you need a lockdown?”

A few people here noticed that I was with Dan Andrews’ Presser For your information, I’m only in Melbourne because I came for a friend’s day & got involved in a lockdown. I didn’t just come here for a DA presser @ abc730 had an interview offer for today, he said no – attend press as next best option

But the prime minister was ready for battle and shot back for Sales making claims that were “incorrect”

“They just told me there was a lack of trust,” said Andrews

“I’m more than confident in the team we have and in the Victorian community that they can get through this

“With the greatest respect you have brought me a number of things that are incorrect”

Victoria is in a new phase after a coronavirus cluster linked to the Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport quarantine hotel grows to 17

Sales continued to grill the premier, asking why a lockdown was necessary if cases were properly traced

“Lockdown is a real cost and the Victorians have already paid a heavy price for lockdown. Cases are actually very well tracked, so why the lockdown? “You asked

“Despite the amazing efforts of all of our contact traces, testers and lab technicians, and the work of so many real hardworking Victorians, we had a situation where they were simultaneously aware of the main case and had already infected their close contact,” he replied >

“At the speed with which this has advanced, our public health team has made the very tough decisions based on the best science and understanding you can have about an outbreak

The Prime Minister said that if Sales and others felt at the end of the lockdown that the measures were too much, they could form those views

“What I can’t do is ever ignore advice and have a situation where I look for what’s most popular, only to be proven wrong and not have a case or two , but something far worse than that, and especially right before the vaccine was launched, ”said Andrews

“This is a completely different virus. If you want to look at systems that can’t handle things, take a look at Europe, take a look at so many parts of the world with what happens when this British variety runs? ”

Sales also asked the Prime Minister if the state would rush into lockdown every time there was a small number of cases

“That’s a fair certainty that two to three cases a day will occur and the system may not be able to handle them With this on the table, you may have a five-day lockout each time, “she said,

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews says he cannot say if the lockdown in Victoria ends Wednesday night

“But we will try to avoid national measures or additional rules,” he said

“Just like epidemiologists, public health experts and political leaders around the world, it has to be assumed that there are more cases than you know

“If you assume otherwise and have been proven wrong, there is no going back

“You are not allowed to go”Well, all I can do is rewind those couple of weeks and make the decision the officers told me that I refused,”

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews faced tough questions about the government’s handling of hotel quarantine Image: NCA NewsWire / Andrew HenshawSource: News Corp Australia

Mr. Andrews said he knew and appreciated “very well what the Victorians could achieve”

“There is no other jurisdiction in the world that has achieved what we have achieved It is thanks to the character, compassion and absolute determination of the Victorian community,” he said

“We know what to do, and I am grateful that we know exactly what the Victorians are doing – preparing to be tested to listen to the advice and follow the rules”

“And while asked to make this incredibly difficult, the challenging task of staying home 14 days when there is a chance you have it – doing it at such a high level is merit too every single Victorian ”

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