Brisbane’s snap lockdown is ending, but some restrictions will remain in place for the next 14 days

I don’t have any major updates regarding fragment detection in Victorian sewers – here is the latest information I have on hand:

Coronavirus fragments were discovered on Monday, April 29th March, detected in wastewater from a suburban catchment area in west Melbourne

This follows the unexpected detection of virus fragments in a southeastern river basin on Thursday, April 25th March, which was confirmed by independent tests on Tuesday

Everyone, no matter how mild the COVID-19 symptoms are, is encouraged to get tested, especially if you live in or have visited these areas during these dates:

A note on this too – sewage detections can occur by people in the early stages of their infection, but it can also be related to the ongoing virus shedding due to an ancient infection

Andrew Parker, CEO of Qantas Group, announced that between 12-20000 tariffs were sold at half price01-1This morning at midnight

At lunchtime, 100000 of these special rates booked at Cairns, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Maroochydore and Gold Coast

The Victorian Government will give businesses across the state a lightning bolt to ensure they are complying with COVID-safe requirements, especially in the digital recording space

Acting Police Secretary Danny Pearson said the flash was timed to coincide with the Easter holidays, when people’s behavior patterns could change

“We know how much people have sacrificed in the past 12 months, but those gains were hard earned and hard won We don’t want them to be lost, “said Pearson

Everyone who enters NSW and has been in an affected area in the last 14 days must fill out a self-declaration form for the traveler prior to entry or upon entry.This applies regardless of the type of entry (eg air, road or rail) The notice makes the following areas affected:

A person who was in a Category A Very Concerning Location (location of close contact) at the time specified in the notice is only allowed to enter NSW if they are resident in NSW If they are resident in NSW are or are already in NSW, the person is:

The previous COVID-19 announcement from December 31st From Thursday, March 1st, 2021 April, revoked

This means that if you have been in an affected area (also known as Greater Brisbane), you will need to complete a traveler’s self-declaration to enter NSW

But if you’ve been in a place of great concern (aka one of the places on the Queensland contact tracing list), you can’t travel to NSW unless you’re a returning home resident (and yourself then you have to isolate)

NSW reflects the Queensland Health restrictions on anyone in NSW who has been living in NSW since March 20th March in Greater Brisbane and these individuals will no longer need to stay at home after that time (1:00 p.m. local time)

Buddy, every day is a party on ABC A group of people who are working VERY hard for all of you!

In the case of Queensland, the state government says that if you do not have a smartphone to check in or for some other reason cannot provide your details electronically, you should inform the venue staff immediately

They can record your data for you or have alternative means of recording your data However, it is still important that you somehow provide this data

When we say the Check In Qld app is mandatory, it’s mandatory for businesses, not you (although that certainly makes things a lot easier if you can use it) People who do not have a smartphone are not excluded from eating All you have to do is tell the venue staff that they will need to provide their details in some other way

The changes mean the following to your travel plans If you have international ambitions, you can jump to the position relevant to you

You can also use the important events feature at the top of the blog to jump to specific posts There is a section on Queensland statewide restrictions that may be helpful

The Ministry of Health of Western Australia has reported two new COVID-19 cases, including an 11-month-old boy

The second case involves a man in his fifties, and both cases are being returned to overseas travelers in hotel quarantine

Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands and Toowoomba have been removed from the list of COVID hotspots in the Northern Territory

This means that travelers entering the NT from these locations do not have to enter the mandatory monitored quarantine, and anyone who has been in this quarantine since the declaration of these hotspots can exit the quarantine

It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you, but – wow, glad the Brisbane lock is over!

But don’t go anywhere! Kelsie is here a while longer and Alicia wants to sit in the chair to carry the blog through the afternoon

Thank you for all of your comments and questions today I am very happy that we had good news for you this morning

Hope you have a wonderful Easter break and make sure you wear this mask when you are inside

Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and produces robust antibody responses in 12 to 15 year olds, according to a study conducted by the companies

None of Australia’s COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for children The Pfizer option is recommended for people aged 16 and over, and the AstraZeneca vaccination for adults only

Pfizer hopes to start vaccinating U.S. teenagers before the new school year, but it’s not clear when (or if) this could be an option for Australian children

When the lockdown began, the government said we shouldn’t confront anyone who wouldn’t wear a mask and leave it to the authorities if you are concerned about your health it is best to wear a mask yourself and get away from it remove the person

There are no rules prohibiting you from leaving the area, but here is what Premier Gladys Berejiklian said earlier:

“We ask the people who live in the four council areas to really consider not leaving this area over Easter. It’s that way again – we don’t go to the police, but it’s strong advice we give because if there is an undiscovered case of community transfer we don’t want to see it in other parts of the state “

All you need to do is follow all applicable masks rules in New South Wales at the moment this mainly applies to the northern rivers areas. Read more about this here

Queenslanders (and pretty much everyone else) have been checking in for months, but how it’s done will soon change

Queensland’s cafes, restaurants, and pubs will soon be forced to use the state government’s coronavirus check-in app, which launched about a month ago but will start on Jan. May be mandatory

But civil libertarians are concerned about data protection and privacy – we’ve looked at some of those concerns and how the app works here

We recognize the Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islander as the first Australians and traditional administrators of the countries where we live, learn and work

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