With Easter weekend approaching and Queenslanders sweaty, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will update the status of his latest COVID cases this morning

We expect to hear from the Queensland authorities soon. You can watch the stream above or on ABC Brisbane’s Facebook page. We’re also trying to start the YouTube stream but are having some technical difficulties

Hi Shetty, now if you are in Gladstone and want to return home, you can do so The Qld government website states, “You can return to your greater Brisbane home at any time during the embargo However, you need to reduce your exposure to the community as much as possible and follow all health advice “Once you get back you are under the same lockdown as everyone else in Greater Brisbane

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Ok, here is the full list of contact tracking locations for Queensland It’s a big list so get ready!

If you have been to any of the locations listed below at the relevant times, you should immediately quarantine your home for 14 days since attending those locations at those times Complete the contact tracing self-assessment if you have not been contacted by Queensland Health regarding this potential exposure Even if you get a negative test, stay in quarantine until 14 days have passed since you were last there

If you have been to any of the locations listed below at the relevant times, you should be tested immediately, even if you have no symptoms immediately quarantine at home until you get a negative result; Complete the contact tracing self-assessment Look out for COVID-19 symptoms and get retested if you feel uncomfortable

If you have been to any of the locations listed below at the relevant times, watch out for COVID-19 symptoms If symptoms occur, get tested at home and quarantined until you get a negative result

“You can move to a new residence during the embargo period. If you are moving to an affected area, you must adhere to the embargo restrictions. This means that you will only leave your residence for an authorized purpose, such as for travel purposes B. for work, important shopping, and exercise, and that you wear a mask when you are not home

“If you leave an affected area to move into a house outside of the affected area, you must still follow the same lockout rules, such as B. Only leave home for legitimate purposes and wear a mask when leaving your residence “

Hey WADOAH, you and me both! No more news – it will be released from tomorrow, yeah Here’s a statement we made a few weeks ago that may have more info for youEDIT: I just got some more info! 800000 tickets will go on sale at midnight. They will be on sale until the end of July and people can travel until September

The announcements are coming in tight and fast now – we can expect to hear from the NSW authorities at 11:30 am local time

So Queensland is the first cab in about half an hour and later NSW I’ll let you know when I hear about other press conferences

The Australian Medical Association says doctors are ready and willing to give more vaccines to eligible individuals

The recent COVID-19 outbreak in Queensland has put pressure on the states and federal government to vaccinate more people against the virus

The Prime Minister had pledged to vaccinate 4 million Australians by the end of March, but just over half a million had their first sting

AMA President Dr Chris Moy said they had spoken to the government about increasing vaccine supplies

“We actually had a meeting with the minister yesterday. We said, look, we are ready to go, we need this supply asap because it was pretty quiet in the community and it got them out of there. But we for them Churches now need this supply as soon as possible in phase 1B “

Hello Chelsea, you can traverse Brisbane Airport as long as you get in a private vehicle and hop straight out of the Greater Brisbane LGA Return is up to the ACT and its restrictions The ACT government website says you can go through Greater Brisbane can drive as long as you do not get out of your vehicle and that you can drive through Brisbane Airport as long as you do not leave the complex, but be aware that this may change later

I’m not sure where she is right now – maybe outside – so here’s a flashback photo for her first birthday last year

You know, you love it, so let’s take a look at the state of affairs overseas before we move closer to home

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Pfizer has postponed its vaccine delivery schedule so that Canada will receive an additional 5 million doses in June, Mr Trudeau expects any adult who wants a vaccine to have one by the end of June The Prime Minister says, Canada’s vaccine sourcing is heavily geared towards receiving doses of Pfizer and Moderna on Monday, Canada suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for those under the age of 55 amid concerns that it could be linked to rare blood clots

Albania has involved military medical personnel in a mass vaccination campaign ahead of the summer tourism season. Albania has 192 after Prime Minister Edi Rama’s visit to Turkey last week000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine Sinovac acquired Albania has bought 10 a day since last weekend000 to 20000 vaccinations carried out to reach half a million by June According to Defense Minister Niko Peleshi, 40 military doctors and nurses helped make the shots available to people over 70

German health officials have agreed to restrict the use of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine in people under the age of 60 amid new concerns about unusual blood clots reported in a tiny number of people who received the shots, Health Ministers Jens Spahn and state officials unanimously agreed to only give the vaccine to people aged 60 and over, unless they belong to a high-risk category for serious illnesses from COVID-19 and have agreed with their doctor to take the vaccine despite the small amount of danger A serious side effect, Berlin health officer Dilek Kalayci said the decision was made as a precautionary measure after the country’s medical regulator announced 31 cases of rare blood clots in people who recently received the vaccine, and nine of the people died
Universal Studios Hollywood announced plans to reopen to the public next month under California’s COVID-19 restrictions Resumed April 1st after an event the day before for Annual and Season Pass members. Under current restrictions, Universal Studios Hollywood is only open to California residents All guests must undergo a temperature check. Visitors with temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius are not allowed to enter.Other protocols include face covering and capacity limits to ensure physical distancing. In neighboring Orange County, Disney had already announced that Disneyland and Disney California Adventure would be closing on Sept. Reopening April with limited capacity and other restrictions

Welcome to our coronavirus coverage this lovely Wednesday My name is Dan Smith and I bring you the latest Here in Brisbane we have reached day two of the lockdown and the big question is whether it will be extended Jeannette Young said it was “too early to decide” yesterday – we will hear from the Queensland authorities at 9:00 am local time so we can get a clearer picture

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Gold Coast COVID Update

World News – AU – Live: Prime Minister of Queensland to provide an update on the COVID outbreak

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