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States and territories across Australia have tightened their borders with Victoria as the task of containing a new coronavirus outbreak

Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania have all reinstated hard borders with Victoria while others declared the area a hotspot after a cluster that hailed from an airport hotel in Melbourne yesterday grew to 13 cases

(We don’t know when the Victorian Prime Minister will speak yet, but I’ll let you know when we’re speaking I know you’re all hot!)

If you have symptoms – whether you are in Victoria or not – it is worth getting tested (even if you have been to exposure sites, follow government guidelines)

Some of you are asking about NSW restrictions and what to do if you are now in NSW after arriving from Victoria

We received a clarification from NSW Health last night. Basically, people returning to NSW from Victoria are not required to go through a five-day lockdown unless they got back to the state after midnight last night

According to the statewide regulation, anyone who visits on Friday the 12th February, arrives in NSW after 11:59 p.m., stay at home for five days

People are allowed to go outdoors for the same four reasons Victorian Restrictions allow

For people in border communities of NSW, the five-day lock only applies if they are on Friday, December 12 Visited Greater Melbourne on February 11, after 11:59 a.m.

Border residents can also move freely within a “border bubble” between NSW and Victoria without having to fill out a border declaration form

NSW Health said the border area would be the same as it was when the NSW-Victorian border closed last year

Here is our story on the matter for more details, or you can read it on the NSW Health website here

“Anyone who has been in Queensland since May 5 Greater Melbourne February 2021 should be tested and isolated until negative.If you’ve been at an exposure site, get tested immediately, isolate for 14 days and call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84)”

Tony Blakely, an epidemiologist from the University of Melbourne, was on AM

this morning

He said the UK variant of the coronavirus was “50 to 70%” more contagious and creating a “really difficult situation”

“The part affected is that it seems like the time from infection to infection of another person may also be shorter,” he said

He said the contract tracking system in Victoria was “brilliant,” but it was difficult to keep up with something that was moving so fast

He said it appeared that people passed the virus on to others within 48 hours of being infected. He said the number of people in the hotel should be reduced or sent to special facilities like Howard Springs in the NT

“We need to seriously review our hotel quarantine system and find out about the current situation,” he said

The numbers are there! There was a new locally acquired case in Victoria yesterday, according to DHHS, 20 cases are currently active

Hello Tess! You should be fine to walk the dog as long as you are within 3 miles of your home and you must also wear a mask unless an exception applies

My colleagues have put together this handy interactive explanatory guide to answer some of your questions about what you can and can’t do during this lockdown

Related to your question, the DHHS website states that you can leave your home for medical care and attend medical appointments It also states that the 5km limit does not apply to health care

No, I don’t know when the Victorian press conference will be held. If I know, you will know

Soon we’ll be knee-deep in state press conferences Before that happens, let’s take a quick look at how things are around the world

The UK’s scientific advisors are confident that the coronavirus outbreak is declining across the country for the first time in more than six months, the government says the reproductive number, or R number, which measures how many people are each infected person The virus passes on, ranges from 07 to 09 A number below 1 means the outbreak is decreasing The government is pushing a plan to vaccinate the entire adult population It looks on track to meet its target of the 15 million people with the largest Risk of giving the first of two shots by Monday, including anyone over the age of 70

Japan Health Minister Says Pfizer Vaccine’s Effectiveness Has Been Validated By A Ministry, Paving the Way For Final Approval Within Days Health Minister Norihisa Tamura says formal approval is expected on SundayVaccines are considered key to implementation this summer’s belated Olympics Japan is expected to receive 144 million doses from Pfizer, 120 million from AstraZeneca and about 50 million from Moderna before the end of this year, enough to cover its population of around 20000 frontline medical workers in hospitals in Japan will have their first admissions by the middle of next week Approximately 3 million more medical workers will come next, followed by elderly people who will be recording in April / p>

Several central Spanish regions announce an easing of curfew and restrictions on bars and restaurants The World Health Organization warned on Thursday that the infection rate was still high despite a sharp drop in new infections in Spain, with the 14-day case count falling on Thursday from a high of 900 two weeks ago to 540 infections per 100000 inhabitants

Dr Anthony Fauci Says People Will Have To Wear “Several, Several Months” Of Masks To Avoid Coronavirus When Vaccinations Are Adopted Up to 80% of the population are vaccinated: “The virus level in the community could be so low that you could withdraw a little about what are strict public health measures? “Dr However, Fauci says any relaxation of safety measures “must be done carefully and gradually, US government researchers have found that two masks are better at slowing the spread of the coronavirus than one, but health officials have stopped recommending everyone to double down.” >

Welcome to our live coverage of coronavirus. My name is Dan Smith and I will bring you the latest from here in Australia and around the world

Minds are especially with those in Victoria who have just initiated their five-day lockdown. Stay strong folks!

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