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Machine gun Kelly has revealed that he has girlfriend Megan Fox’s blood in a vial around his neck and who says romance is dead?

The couple, who have been together since around July 2020, celebrated Valentine’s Day by uploading matching Instagram tributes

As common as it is to yell at your significant other on social media, it’s safe to say that MGK’s post raised more than a few eyebrows

“I have your blood around my neck,” he signed a series of photos with Fox, including a knife and drops of blood emojis

Although it looked like the wording was his unorthodox attempt at being romantic, it turned out that his choice of caption was completely literal

In a series of selfies from loved ones, MGK shared a photo of a necklace that actually contained a drop of blood Hey, whatever is floating your boat I think?

Though it doesn’t look like Fox is carrying MGK’s blood around either, she dedicated a poem to him via her Instagram caption

“There goes my heart / manifest outside of my body / draped in the towering silhouette of an unusually handsome boy,” she wrote

“The journey will likely be dangerous, but there is no destination without him Happy Valentine’s Day Rehab Barbie ”

Of course, we can’t forget that MGK and Fox aren’t the first celebrity couple to honor their love with a bloody accessory

In the early 2000s, Angelina Jolie and ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton had blood around each other’s necks

“The necklaces were a very simple thing ‘Hey, let’s prick our fingers with a pen and put some blood on it, and when we’re apart we’ll wear the necklace,’ Thornton said in a 2018 interview on the HFPA In Conversation podcast

Megan Fox, machine gun Kelly

World News – AU – Machine gun Kelly channels Angelina Jolie by carrying blood from Megan Fox