Fourth test day two: India 294-7 out of 94 overs (R Pant 101, W Sundar 60 *, J Anderson 3-40, J Leach 2-66, B Stokes 2-73) lead England 205 ( B Stokes 55, A Patel 4-68) with 89 runs on

They say the great players have a chance to bend the script to their will, and when a few of them are on opposing sides, like Ben Stokes and Rishabh Pant on day two of the fourth test in Ahmedabad, the Results can be breathtaking

For two sessions, Stokes seemed to defy expectations and wrestle England back into the competition after a disappointing first day.Your 205 everything was easy, so even a bowling attack was deliberately weakened to put an eyelash on and yet India had been restrained by tea by the sheer blood craze of Stokes for six on 153

England’s vice-captain had overcome the 38 ° C heat and a stomach defect to achieve a Herculean feat with the ball, claiming the key gate from Virat Kohli for a duck and Rohit Sharma for a patient 49 A clever catch when slipping was also for Ajinkya Rahne on 27 responsible, while overall he was always ready to get involved with the ailing Joe Root, who sent more weight up than he could bring up all series before

After scoring the first goal with a defiant 55 24 hours earlier, one wondered if in another test match the name Ben Stokes would run like the words in a boulder and given England’s resources and the 2-1 Deficits You may be sitting in strange conditions in the extensive catalog of the greatest hits of the all-rounder

It turned out that Stokes wasn’t tireless, however, and in the final session when he started marking and Root was desperate for alternatives, Pant produced a rather bold counterattack 101 out of 118 balls, which was next to an undefeated 60 from Washington Sundar finally turned upside down for the second day

Though Pant eventually fell and Jimmy Anderson handed a third wicket of the innings soon after sealing his third test century with a six over Root, India finished by 89 over 294 for seven Kohli’s men must avoid defeat to fix the June Test World Cup, but now they seem well positioned to reserve their place in style and keep Australia from hitting New Zealand

Sundar, India’s No. 8, deserves kudos for his share of a 113 stand with Pant The pair had gotten together at 146 for six and within 26 overs had devastated an attack in England that relied on three men – Stokes, Anderson and Jack Leach – and tried to disguise the shortcomings of the recalled Dom Bess

Bess found the control again elusive, his assortment of liquorice of all kinds frequently let go of the pressure valve and leaked 56 runs from 15 overs that is, the off-spinner saw a pound against Sundar tip over due to a fine inside edge before the end might have ended Pant’s fireworks at 35 on another day

The latter came in one fell swoop Tee It looked like a tough call from umpire Nitish Menon and never more when Hawkeye on review showed the ball hit the top of the stump but – crucially – not enough to keep the record to overcome the referee

Pant, a batsman wicketkeeper forged in the fire of the Indian Premier League, is not the type to deal with such matters, and while an erroneously shy of the stumps saw him just off his ground over the course of the next hour or so he dominated the process in a way that, like his 91 in the first test, underscores what a special talent India has produced

This wasn’t a fluke, but an intelligently constructed inning for both conditions and situation Pant had taken 82 watchful balls to reach his half-century but only needed 33 more to reach his third testing century He unleashed nine foursome and that milestone-sealing slog swept from Root to spark wild celebrations

His treatment of Anderson and the second new ball showed none of the previous respect the senior Indian batsman had for England’s record wicket takers Instead, he immediately danced across the field to place a four in the middle and then chased through the cover.Although Pant eventually perished and selected a short mid-wicket, he had made an indelible mark on this crucial test. p>

On another day, it could have been Stokes returning from Stüfen for press work in England, and not the now regular sight of the spin coach sperm shock absorber Jeetan Patel, where the all-rounder with the ball is his best Tour

has shown performance

A morning 10-over breakout, broken only by a pause as he swapped ends, followed a typically frugal job by Anderson and Leach’s fourth removal from Chesteshwar Pujara in the series by obliterating Kohli without a hit It was also a brutal layoff that left a feathered hook behind when it got a little more bounce out

This layoff challenged England’s decision to drop a sailor on this surface, as did Anderson’s removal from Rahane before lunch with a gorgeous rocking swing that found the edge and the 38-year-old would be 900 internationales wicket presented all formats

The choice for Stokes came in the afternoon, however. Since Roots’ double century, Rohit Sharma has been the best on both sides, and here the so-called “Hitman” was perfectly stable But just as he had his half-century in mind after keeping 143 shipments off , Stokes followed a series of outdoor swings with one stuck in his pads

When Ashwin responded to rough treatment by Stokes by telling Leach on Jan. Tame pressed on short Midwicket, England somehow found the rise Pant had none of it and with his blinking blade probably destroyed the hopes of both Ashes rivals within an unbelievable inning – Guardians

Monday – Sunday, 1 – 7th March

Rishabh Pant

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