Controversial tennis star Margaret Court has announced that she has not been invited to this year’s Australian Open, saying that her award for the Order of Australia was long time coming

The debate has raged since it became known late last week that the court would receive the Companion of the Australian Order – the country’s highest honor. She was appointed Officer of the Order of Australia back in 2007

The performance of the 78-year-olds on the tennis court is beyond question Her 24 Grand Slam singles titles are still the global benchmark, but her views on the LGBTQ community and fierce opposition to same-sex marriages have sparked angry criticism

Your recent Order of Australia award further fueled the fire, but the court has no regrets for accepting the honor

“No, because I loved representing my nation,” Court told 3AW on Tuesday. “When I got the AO, it was available to my community. We give out 75 tons of groceries a week And that was for my tennis , and I think it took a long time

“I wasn’t one to look for it, I didn’t know I was getting it. I was very honored when I was told it was me. There wasn’t much fuss about it, but there were plenty of other people who did made a big fuss about it ”

Controversy raged when Court accepted Tennis Australia’s invitation to the 2020 Australian Open to celebrate the 50th To celebrate the anniversary of their Grand Slam Sweep 1970

Court said she hadn’t received an invitation to this year’s tournament and wouldn’t have accepted it anyway for various reasons

“I’m not going to the Australian Open. No, I wasn’t invited,” said Court, “With coronavirus we were so busy with our community work I haven’t even thought about it”

Court reiterated her views that being gay was a choice and could be cured, but she felt that some of her views had been misinterpreted

“I’ve always said what the Bible says,” she said, “I don’t hate anyone, I love people, and I love gay people and transgender people, and we bring them to our community service. We don’t turn anyone away

“A lot of things have been said that I never really said, which I consider to be the sad part

“I’ve been bullied a lot over the past few years and I don’t mind that’s fine. But when I say something, I’m a fanatic and I’m everything else, and I don’t like that”

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