The controversial couple recently hit the headlines when they went public with their romance a few weeks after the news that LaBeouf’s former partner, FKA Twigs (real name) went public with his romance (name Tahliah Barnett) suing him for allegedly emotional, physical and psychological abuse during their year-long relationship

Labeouf, 34) and Qualley, 26, met on the set of a music video for the song “Love Me Like You Hate Me,” performed by Qualley’s sister’s Rainsford band at the time, a source said the two were close grew together and “both are very passionate people” who “have fun together” “

Whether or not the allegations were related to the couple’s breakup is unknown, however, another source told people that the two of them are “just in different places in their lives,” adding that Qualley was trying to focus on her acting career

It’s safe to say that after reading the harrowing accounts of not only Barnett but other women from LaBeouf’s past who shared their own stories of alleged abuse by the Honeyboy actor, we exhaled a collective sigh have relief at the news of their breakup

While still trying to digest the horrific abuse cases described in the lawsuit, in which the actor is accused of knowingly infecting, suffocating, and threatening women with sexually transmitted diseases, it is difficult to observe any other person , especially a woman as young as Qualley apparently turning a blind eye to the bright red flags

As Barnett insisted in her original contribution to her lawsuit, domestic violence does not discriminate, and many survivors are often ashamed of being the victims of abuse

“It may surprise you to learn that I was in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship and it was also hard for me to come to terms with during and after I never thought something like this would happen to me. That’s why I decided That it is important for me to talk about it and help people understand that leaving an abusive relationship under obsessional control or in an intimate partner relationship does not feel like a safe or achievable option “She wrote

“My second worst nightmare is sharing with the world that I am a domestic violence survivor. My first worst nightmare is not telling anyone about it and knowing that I could have helped even one person by reading my story shared “

LaBeouf responded to the allegations by saying, “I am unable to tell anyone how my behavior made them feel I have no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, just rationalizations I have myself and everyone abused around me for years I have hurt the people closest to me in the past I am ashamed of this story and apologize to those I have hurt Otherwise I can’t say anything ”

Sign our petition calling on the government to make coercive control a crime and help us change the lives of thousands of women

If you or someone you know needs help or advice, call 1800 RESPECT at 1800 737 732 or Lifeline at 13 11 14

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