Posted: 14:52 GMT, 3 January 2021 | Updated: 19:10 GMT, Jan. January 2021

The 49-year-old Hollywood actor announced his latest venture with the owners of United Cinemas in an interview with The Daily Telegraph on Sunday

“I work with the Mustaca family and I hope that we not only offer you burgers of choice but also wonderful cinema experiences,” he told the publication

“We bring you not only Wahlburgers, but also wonderful cinema experiences”: Mark Wahlberg (picture), 49, has announced that he will bring his US burger chain Wahlburgers to Australia with the first opening in Sydney’s Circular Quay the coming months

The deal is valued at more than $ 50 million – and will have 500 employees and will open movie-themed restaurants in 15 locations in or next to the chain’s cinemas

“We’re really focused now on creating exclusive content just for the customers. So people are going to see movie trailers and all of that early on,” said Mark

The first store to open its doors in the coming months will be in Sydney’s Circular Quay, for which Mark has promised to return to Australia

Details: The deal is valued at more than $ 50 million – and will employ 500 people and open movie-themed restaurants in 15 locations within or adjacent to United Cinemas


The Mile 22 star came on Jan. November in Australia and was given permission to self-isolate on a luxury retreat instead of the mandatory two-week hotel quarantine

Mark was quarantined on private property in Byron Bay, a coastal town in New South Wales, which he reportedly claimed 400Raised $ 000

The Good Vibrations hitmaker had to stay on the retreat for 14 days before flying to Sydney to do an ad for the online betting company Ladbrokes

On 15 An intense workout at an F45 gym in the city’s Woolloomooloo on December 12th after investing in the Australian fitness franchise in 2018

Fitness on the A-list: On 15 December in Australia an intense workout at an F45 gym in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo Some of Australia’s biggest celebrities were in attendance, including David and Candice Warner (picture)

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