Matthew McConaughey spoke at the March For Our Lives rally in Austin in 2018

Photo credit: Shelby Knowles for The Texas Tribune

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Austin-based actor Matthew McConaughey is making headlines again for flirting with a run for the governor of Texas – and this time he’s serious about the possibility
Insulting the hustle and bustle is something activists are increasingly raving about: Little is known about McConaughey’s politics, or at least his partisanship

The state’s ballot papers show he has not competed in a Texas primary since at least 2012, which could give an indication of which party he supports, he did not campaign, and he refused to say if he did would run as a Democrat, Republican or something else

The lack of political background might resonate, of course, and McConaughey has spoken openly about being disillusioned with the current state of politics, suggesting last year that it was a “broken business.” He’s got the excesses too criticized both the left and the right and promoted an “aggressively centered” mindset

But for partisans wanting to find out McConaughey’s true leanings at the start of the 2022 election cycle, there’s not much to do, especially Democrats looking to challenge GOP Gov Greg Abbott on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and winter weather crisis, but a deep bank is missing behind Beto O’Rourke

McConaughey has voted twice in Texas since 2012 – in the 2018 and 2020 general elections, according to his most recent electoral record with the Secretary of State.He voted early both times – in person in 2018 and by postal vote in 2020. His registration in Travis County dates back to November 25, 2012 and is not ruling out the fact that it was previously registered in Texas and fell off the electoral roll

When it comes to campaign submissions, there is no record of him making any donations at the state or federal level

He didn’t say much about the last election – although he later made headlines when he criticized the “illiberal left” for taking an arrogant stance towards the “other 50%””He suggested that this view led some in Hollywood – a heavily Democratic constituency – to deny Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, and now some Republicans are denying Trump’s re-election because” they got the wrong news. ”

McConaughey asked questions about running for governor while promoting his memoir “Greenlights”, published in October. In the book, McConaughey gave a handful of glimpses into the politics he grew up with. At the beginning of the memoir, McConaughey said he was from ” from a long line of rule violations “and described them as” banned libertarians who vote red across the board because they believe it will save fewer criminals from entering their territory””

But he avoided discussing politics – for example, recent presidents and elections – or taking in details of his personal political views

McConaughey’s recently published book isn’t the only thing keeping him in the public spotlight these days, he’s organizing a virtual benefit concert for Texans hit by last month’s deadly winter storm and slated to air on his YouTube channel on Sunday

McConaughey initially sparked rumors that he might run for governor last year when he left the option open in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt in November, but a day later, after his Hewitt interview widely in the media spread, McConaughey appeared to be recalling speculation about a takeover bid, telling late-night television presenter Stephen Colbert that he “had no plans at this time” “

But McConaughey rekindled speculation last week when he said in a podcast interview that running for governor was a “real consideration”. He followed up with an interview with NBC News’ Al Roker from the lawn of the Texas Capitol, where he reiterated that he was considering an offer

Some interviewers specifically asked McConaughey if he would run for a Democrat or Republican – or something else – and he didn’t play a ball. When asked about his partisan affiliation on Thursday, if he was running for governor, he said so American statesman from Austin said he “hadn’t got that far” “In an interview published the same day by the Longview News-Journal – McConaughey grew up part of the city of East Texas – he also shrugged off a question about partisanship

“I think if you go in to think of a Democrat or Republican or one of the others, that is now a little thinking and even becomes unconstitutional for serving the American people or the people of your state,” said McConaughey

Independent deals for governors are not uncommon in Texas.In 2006, former comptrollist Carole Keeton Strayhorn and songwriter and humorist Kinky Friedman were both independent, finishing third and fourth in the race behind Republican Rick Perry and Democrat Chris Bell , but together they achieved more than 30% of the votes

So far, the biggest question to be asked about the 2022 gubernatorial race involves a Democrat: O’Rourke, the 2020 ex-presidential candidate, Congressman El Paso, and 2018 US. Senate candidate O’Rourke has said he is considering challenging Abbott while harshly criticizing the governor’s responses to the pandemic and winter storm

The McConaughey-O’Rourke relationship is a growing fascination in political circles, if only because they are by far the two best-known names debated as potential gubernatorial candidates

McConaughey was photographed posing with O’Rourke and two other people while O’Rourke was walking for US Senate When there was an early voting in that race, he tweeted a video of himself in line at a polling station, encouraging people to get out and vote, and about a year later, McConaughey cruised Walmart at a 2019 benefit concert for the victims of the El Paso massacre Paths with O’Rourke

On the other hand, McConaughey has also teamed up with Republicans, albeit for reasons that are also not overtly political, in 2018, along with Attorney General Ken Paxton, in a public announcement on ending human trafficking, more recently voicing another PSA issued by Abbott’s office urging Texans to stay home if they could, as the pandemic escalated in the state last spring

McConaughey has been cautious when it comes to more politically sensitive issues Take, for example, the advance the police made last year after the death of George Floyd, the Minnesota black man who was killed after being detained by an officer When asked about Austin’s reaction to the Defund the Police movement, McConaughey told podcast host Joe Rogan in October that it was “almost like it should have been renamed because Defund the Police” doesn’t sound like money has been redistributed into different areas. “He said the community and the police need to” get back together “and better understand the unique challenges everyone faces. And with the police in particular, he said that there are “some of those bad apples that need to be removed, but we need to make sure we train them better””

He ended up in a skeptical position, saying his “first gut feeling [about defusing the police] is that I don’t see this fix the relationship between the community and the police”

“We’re going to see how it works, but I’m more like saying OK instead of taking away your money and money that you can better train with and work on the relationship between your job and your job, what to expect and what the Churches expect from you – I’d rather have done that than pull money from them, “McConaughey said

In the same interview, McConaughey offered a more direct position on another hot button issue – gun control – saying it was “sometimes too easy to get a gun for that background check to be made””

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