Update 8:30 p.m .: Hawaiian Electric crews continue to respond to power outages in West Maui caused by the failure of three transmission lines to high winds

All customers in West Maui are asked to plan for a possible extended outage well into the night as the crews are working to safely restore power as soon as possible. Mahalo for your continued patience and understanding

If wires fall from a utility pole to the ground, hit a guardrail or land on a car Please remember:

Food in the refrigerator should be safe as long as the power does not fail for more than four hours. Here are some tips:

If you are unsure whether a food is safe to eat after an extended power outage, remember that food contaminated with food-poisoning bacteria cannot be detected by sight, smell, touch, or taste if in doubt usually throw it away

Update 1812:00 am: All customers in West Maui are experiencing power outages with three transmission lines due to high winds Hawaiian Electric crews are responding Currently there are no estimated recovery times Mahalo for your patience and understanding

Update 173 p.m .: Hawaiian Electric crews are on their way to a power outage in West Maui.Other details are pending, including the cause of the outage and the expected duration

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Power outage

World News – AU – Maui Now: Update: Power outages in West Maui can last well into the night

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