Two-time international and former Dragon Wendell Sailor has called “embarrassing” the treatment of Captain Cameron McInnes by his former club while questioning Anthony Griffin’s decision to sign injury-prone Andrew McCullough as a replacement

The news that McInnes has signed with Cronulla for the next season came as a shock to Dragons fans The club skipper has been one of the Saints’ most consistent cast members over the past few years fans won’t see him run for the club again after the utility broke their ACL while training

Sailor called on the Dragons to make “massive mistakes” when considering McInnes’ future at the club and was unable to understand how a player of his quality should run

“The dragons made massive mistakes there, he was one of their most consistent and best in the last five years

“I can’t believe there is something wrong with the culture of the dragons when you let go of a guy like that

“And it’s not about the money, they didn’t even offer him a contract – it’s embarrassing

“Cam McInnes will play 13 if he joins the Sharks – he’s an 18 Man for the blues

Sailor also had reservations about Griffin’s decision to resume his relationship with Andrew McCullough. Griffin coached McCullough and Ben Hunt with the Broncos, but according to Sailor, the move is in doubt, particularly with McCullough’s injury history

“Macca will be Anthony Griffin with the dragons and he’ll have a certain bond there

“But when they offered three years to a 31 year old who did his ACL I think it’s a bad business decision “

Griffin spoke after the Dragons v. Sharks 36:28 lost trial, describing McInnes’ injury as “sad” This form of litigation will be crucial in deciding who will replace him

“We’ll take a look and see what suits us Cam is a bit unique in that he can play hooker or lock. He plays way above his weight and can play for 80 minutes too

“We have two tries that lead into the contest so we’ll see who raises their hand there is an opportunity now. It’s sad to lose him but there is an opportunity”

Cameron McInnes

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