Entrepreneurs in the greater Sydney area have mixed reactions to the sweeping coronavirus restrictions that went into effect today

Yesterday, after months of resistance, NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian mandated the wearing of masks for indoor spaces such as supermarkets and indoor beauty salons

The public health ordinance went into effect at midnight and violations could be fined locally with a $ 200 fine with a grace period until Monday

She also announced a further reduction in restaurant capacity and the integration of the southern zone of the northern beaches into the same level of restrictions shared by Greater Sydney, Wollongong, the Central Coast and the Nepean Blue Mountains

Member for Manly, James Griffin, said his constituents on the Northern Beaches were “absolutely thrilled” to have been there since Nov. December restrictions have been relaxed

“There was already an immediate crowd of people sharing the venues and restaurants they look forward to meeting friends at,” he said

“New Year’s Eve didn’t really happen for us. These lunches and dinners with friends and family before Christmas couldn’t take place either”

“This is our biggest time of the year In two to three weeks we’ll be making three to four months, “said Keiron Prenter, who owns the Mexicano restaurant in North Narrabeen

Mr. Prenter’s restaurant is located directly on the south side of the Narrabeen Bridge, about 180 meters from the border between the southern and northern zones

“Much of my clientele is over there apart from everyone else, morale is bad and people don’t want to go out “

Mr Prenter said the reduced catering capacity introduced today has made it financially unsustainable for a restaurant of its size to open beyond takeout

The home stay provisions in the southern zone were lifted this morning on the northern peninsula at around 70000 inhabitants is subject to January a little longer the blocking rules

Although the Southern Zone will still have more restrictions than it was before it was locked, Mr Griffin was confident his constituents could rise to the challenge

NSW Health Secretary Brad Hazzard, who lives on the northern beaches, said testing rates were “extremely high” there

“Almost 43 percent of the community came out to test it, they were fantastic,” he said yesterday

For some Sydney business owners, the mandatory mask rules have little impact on their lives

“We’ve been wearing masks since the first outbreak just to be sure,” said Carly Vandermeer, owner of the Surry Hills hair salon

“Many of our customers wear masks and we have them at our reception for anyone who wants to wear one”

See what happens if you speak, cough, and sneeze while wearing a mask – and not

For hair and makeup artist Gemma Woods, who works in the film industry, holding people accountable is a welcome tool

“I think if it is to keep us healthy and safe and to keep the economy strong, we just have to do it a little longer,” said Ms. Woods

“If people are held accountable for protecting themselves and their loved ones, people should be fined [for not wearing a mask]

“We [already] wear masks and face shields to work, so this is a pretty severe limitation for us, so this [wearing a face mask rule] is nothing”

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