While the man who tried to overthrow him was absent from Question Time, Victorian opposition leader Michael O’Brien surrendered to the music about the’ Shambolic Burial Movement

MP Brad Battin ultimately failed in his attempt to free Mr. O’Brien from his position Only nine out of 31 party members voted for a change in leadership

The barbs for Mr O’Brien began with the first question when the opposition leader asked how many jobs the government had saved for Hazelwood workers following the shutdown of the plant in 2017

Energy Secretary Lily D’Ambrosio responded by talking about the Yallourn power plant contract signed last week and how he had “prioritized” workers

“Our announcement last week had people retiring earlier than intended – but they have seven years’ notice,” she said

“Seven years’ notice is more than what the opposition leader will have with his job”

Shortly afterwards, incumbent Prime Minister James Merlino spoke loudly during a Dixer statement on transportation about shouting members of the opposition that his government had spent “billions”

The statements were followed by a joke by MP Richard Wynne implying that Mr. Battin is “a dingbat who cannot count”

The failed coup on Tuesday now leaves Mr Battin’s next step in question, and some MPs are wondering whether the spokesman for opposition streets would withdraw to the bench

After the overflow motion, Mr O’Brien confirmed to reporters that there would be a reshuffle of the cabinet, but there have not yet been any resignations

When asked whether those who voted against his leadership would be pre-selected for next year’s election, Mr O’Brien said it was a matter for the party chamber

“We’re going to be making some adjustments to the front bench today and announcing those when I’m ready We’ll see how extensive this mixing has to be, “he said

Mr O’Brien, whose wife was operated on Monday when he faced the possible burial, said the result showed confidence in his conduct

“This was just an overwhelming endorsement, it says I have an overwhelming majority and that means we are focusing on Victorians,” he said

Mr Battin said he respected the party’s decision after months of speculation about the leadership that had played out in the media

A decision is expected to be made on the future of Mr Battin on the front bench later on Tuesday

“Now is the time to put a line in the sand and respect the decision and I will keep going out there and fighting for my constituency”

Mr Battin said he has no regrets running for leadership and would not rule out working towards becoming Prime Minister one day

“It’s been a long time, I’m still young and hopefully I still have a lot of time in politics and I’ll be crossing that bridge, but for now I respect the party room’s decision,” he said

“You don’t come into politics to sit in the back seat, you come in to be part of a team and get a message for the future””

Previously, Liberal MPs had suggested NCA NewsWire not carry out the overflow movement at all after the push failed to secure enough support overnight

“I ran into Michael himself this morning and I understand it can’t go on,” said one

“At first it was totally shambolic – there was no change in political direction, no plan for the future”

Brad Battin

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