A satisfactory ending to a film is not always easy.Take Julia Roberts’ film, My Best Friend’s Wedding, for example.The film has a slightly unexpected ending, especially when compared to other films featuring Roberts But its original ending would have changed the fate of the main character significantly

My Best Friend’s Wedding was a 1997 romantic comedy film, taking advantage of the immense popularity of Roberts, who was still high on the wave that hit Pretty Woman in the early 90s

In the film, Roberts plays a woman named Julianne, whose best friend Michael (played by Dermot Mulroney) becomes engaged to another woman named Kimberly (Cameron Diaz) Roberts, advised by her boyfriend George (Rupert Everett), realizes that she is indeed in love with Michael and tries to end the couple’s upcoming wedding

The film was a huge box office hit, grossing nearly $ 300 million worldwide on a budget of $ 38 million, according to IMDb, which is the financial gain for the studio, and it also emerged that Roberts is still a big box-office hit was, a role that she has held to this day

In a typical romantic comedy, the main character often tries to win the love of someone that is being tested and at some point its success could even be doubtful, however, almost always the character does something to eventually win love for the object of his affection is a standard winning template for Rom-Coms

But my best friend’s wedding bucked the trend. At the end of this movie, Julianne realizes that Michael doesn’t love her back. Michael and Kimberly’s marriage goes on unhindered.Our heroine doesn’t quite get her happy ending, despite something about herself doing it self learns It wasn’t such a sad ending as Julianne grows up as a character and does the morally right thing but it was a lot different from most other romantic comedies

According to Entertainment Weekly, the filmmakers always wanted to end the film with Julianne without ending with Michael. The main problem was that the test audience disliked her character and found her unappealing

At the original ending, Julianne had met someone (played by John Corbett) but the test audience felt that ending was pinned and unjustified by director PJ Hogan said the studio in charge of the film wanted Julianne to have a happy ending:

“They were very nervous because we were making a Julia Roberts film and she couldn’t end alone and unhappily so we had to come up with something that the studio liked but that was acceptable to the audience”

The creative team made the decision to add Everett’s character as Julianne’s voice of sanity, helping her review her decisions (many of which were bad) and serving as a mouthpiece for the audience

The revamped ending to the film included George showing up to dance with Julianne at Michael and Kimberly’s wedding, allowing the film to finish on a lighter, happier note without compromising the hard ending, which it probably did to Made one of the most enduring films in Robert’s famous career

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