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NBA basketball
– 13 February 2021 at 6:35 a.m. PST

The Brooklyn Nets begin Saturday the 13th February, a five-game road trip from the west as they battle the Golden State Warriors

Steve Nash’s roster will be delighted to get Kevin Durant back after a bizarre series of events that paused him last week The Dubs are aiming for their third straight win after beating Orlando behind Stephen Currys 40 points on Thursday night / p>

Revenge will spring to mind on Golden State after the nets destroyed them on December opening night, beating them between 125 and 99

Offense was the name of the game for the nets this season, with an electric trio of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving making it extremely difficult for any team to stop three of the game’s top scorers

But on the other end of the court, Brooklyn is struggling and currently sits 26th at 114 Place in the NBA2 defensive rating However, their performance against Indiana on Wednesday was a big step in the right direction. The Nets secured a 104-94 win and led by 32 points at halftime, keeping the Pacers down to just 18 points in the first quarter and in the second to only 12 points

Although Brooklyn only won by 10, it was still a promising result from a defensive standpoint.Although Indiana was struggling to shoot the ball efficiently, it was in part because the nets were focused on keeping their opponents open to restrict

Irving went offensively, losing 35 points at team level while going 17v17 from the charity streak If they can keep playing a more basic game on either end of the hardwood, Nash’s team could have a legitimate shot at a title

After KD returns to the line-up against his former team in the Warriors, Brooklyn will attempt to repeat their last dominant streak against opponents in the Western Conference, but they will get by without DeAndre Jordan, who is out for personal reasons >
After a dismal start to the season, Golden State has played much better in the last 10 games in which they lost 6-4. The Dubs are still shooting an impressive 42% out of three-point range during this period. Curry went on Friday for 10 threes against the magic going on while he lost an average of 6.4 shots from downtown during his last 10 competitions

Even if James Wiseman and Kevon Looney are out, it has worked in their favor with Draymond Green. He is still playing his usual physical game while also acting as Steve Kerr’s main agent

Kelly Oubre Jr seems to have also found his booth, the former Sun set Dallas on fire last week for a career high of 40 points, while also putting up 24 against the Spurs a few days ago, and he’s currently the Warriors’ third top scorer averaging 13 points a night >

Golden State is sure to be looking to find their hot hand against Brooklyn after trying to play a ridiculous 50 threesomes against Orlando on Friday.If Curry finds a rhythm from a great distance, make sure it’s a competition can act that reaches to the end

Brooklyn hasn’t been a great ATS this season, just 11-16 however they broke their cold streak against Indiana and won with more than the spread The Warriors Are ATS 13-13

The nets are arguably the association’s best offensive team and have mostly beaten the over, but not Golden State. But the visitors have converted two unders in their last three games

I think Brooklyn is a sure bet here to take an ATS win with their entire core in the lineup, there will be a lot for the Warriors to take on, despite Kerr’s team having a top 10 defense as well Outnumbered betting is a good call as both teams have not been scoring at their normal odds lately

Quinn Allen is a sports journalist with a background and training in broadcast journalism (BCIT ’17) He writes on European football, basketball and baseball for numerous websites around the world

Quinn Allen is a sports journalist with a background and training in broadcast journalism (BCIT ’17) He writes on European football, basketball and baseball for numerous websites around the world

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