New Diamonds trainer Stacey Marinkovich says an Australian Constellation Cup defeat on Sunday shouldn’t be considered a failure

Australia is the No. 1 world and has held the trophy since 2012, a run of trans-Tasmanian domination that could end on Sunday

After falling in the third game on Saturday, Australia lost to New Zealand 55-49 and now need a three-goal win to keep the trophy

Marinkovich said on her first series as head of Australia’s elite netballers the series, which required them to be quarantined for two weeks upon arrival, was always going to be difficult

“The world champions you had a really good start, you had camps, you have freedom,” she said

Given Australia’s status as the undisputed heavyweight in the sport, success was expected from any Diamonds coach

Former mentor Lisa Alexander was shown the door after losing one-goal gold medal games at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the 2019 World Cup

“For us it’s a long-term vision. We’re building something Girls haven’t been out of court in a competitive game since October Some even before that

“We get together for the first time We had about eight training sessions together I think we just have to keep things in mind”

On Saturday afternoon, Australia seemed to have the cup under control and led by five points in the third quarter

Aotearoa finished the race stronger and even walked up the finish line, which could be the difference in the four-game series where goal margins count if they end in an Australian win at 2-2

“We stagnated a bit in the last part of the game,” she said

All eyes will be on who Marinkovich names in the attacking goal circle Kiera Austin shoots to just 67 percent and star Caitlin Bassett stays on the bench for much of the third game
Test four begins at 315 p.m. (115 p.m. (AEDT) at the Horncastle Arena in Christchurch – fans are allowed to enter after a COVID-19 outbreak is downgraded

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