Victoria recorded on April 42 No new local cases of coronavirus days in a row after the Australian government announced it accepted Pfizer’s expert advice should now be the vaccine of choice for under-50s

On Thursday 18463 test results returned The health department administered on Thursday 6057 vaccines, bringing the total number of vaccinations given by the Victorian authorities to 137329 increased

The new numbers come when, after a long meeting on Thursday evening, Australian medical experts decided that Pfizer would now be the vaccine of choice for those under 50 due to a rare but serious clotting side effect associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine becomes

The government is currently reviewing the Australian vaccine portfolio as an overhaul will be required for all of its rollout, casting into doubt the timing of the country’s vaccination program

Co-chair of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, Professor Allen Cheng, defended the decision as a balancing act between the risk of potential side effects from vaccination and the benefit of the vaccine in reducing the risk of COVID-19 / p>

“While DVTs (deep clots) are generally common and don’t seem to increase after vaccination, recent evidence suggests this unusual disorder is likely caused by vaccinations,” he said on Twitter

“The risk of severe COVID depends heavily on age The risk of dying from COVID increases about three times with every ten years of life A 50-year-old dies about ten times more often from COVID than a 30-year-old

“The benefit of being vaccinated (and not getting COVID) is much greater for the elderly than for younger people. Thus, the benefit in preventing COVID through vaccination is greater with age, and the risk of this clotting condition may decrease with age from ”

Professor Cheng said health officials had not mandated the 50-year threshold and were careful to ensure that it was a decision so that patients could continue to exercise autonomy over the vaccine

“When a younger person says they’d like a one in 200 risk of clotting000 to be protected from COVID sooner, we should respect that decision as long as it is an informed decision, ”he said,

Professor Cheng said there was no question that this decision would slow down the rollout, although he is unfamiliar with discussions about vaccine acquisition that are happening at the federal level

“There’s no question that this decision will slow things down – onshore vaccine manufacturing capabilities are very valuable,” he said

“In the next few days, the Commonwealth and state governments will figure out what the program will look like over the coming weeks and months. Fortunately, we are not dealing with ongoing COVID outbreaks, so we can make this decision to get one to take a safer path ”

Health Secretary Brendan Murphy on Friday advocated that anyone over 50 given the opportunity to have the vaccine should do so

“I still think it’s a wonderful vaccine, it’s a really good vaccine,” Professor Murphy told 3AW, “

Victoria’s hotel quarantine program resumed Thursday with a total of 70 passengers flying to Melbourne from Colombo, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai
A spokeswoman for COVID-19 quarantine Victoria said 65 were taken to the InterContinental Quarantine Hotel and five were taken to a complex care hotel in Element Richmond

On Thursday afternoon, the health department announced that fragments of the virus that causes COVID-19 had been detected in wastewater samples from a wastewater catchment in southeast Melbourne

Individuals who live in or have visited in Clayton, Clayton South, Dingley Village, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, Notting Hill, Springvale, Springvale South and Wheelers Hill with even mild symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to to be tested


World News – AU – No new cases in Victoria as Pfizer’s decision disrupts vaccine rollout