Posted: 10:23 GMT, October 31, 2020 | Update: 12:45 GMT, October 31, 2020

Furious Pauline Hanson fiercely defended her campaign record after support for her One Nation party fell 10% in Queensland election

Accused of not campaigning properly, the seasoned politician insisted she was on the trail but the media had not adequately covered her campaign

Getting into an argument with Senator Murray Watt, who was in the Sky News studio covering the election, she was mocked by the Labor Senator

“You actually spoke very well of me,” she furiously told the politician, “of the work I do as a senator, and you gave me credit for what I did. make for queensland’

“I think you must be thinking of another person over there,” he replied, smiling at his off-camera co-hosts

Hanson (pictured Saturday night), got into a furious row on Sky News with Senator Murray Watt

‘You know full well you said it so don’t back down You can’t blame me for passing good legislation,’ she said

The Labor Senator and Ms Hanson continued to talk to each other as the two sides tried to make their views known, before Mr Watt does not question the security of his Senate seat

‘You only have 7% of the vote don’t you need at least 14 years to keep your Senate seat? he questioned

Getting into an argument with Senator Murray Watt (pictured), who was in the Sky News studio covering the election, she was mocked by the Labor Senator

Polls predicted party support would drop as Senator Hanson has been accused of being unusually calm in the run-up to elections

Poll suggests One Nation only received 74% of the primary vote, down more than 6% from the 2017 election

Antony Green, election analyst at ABC, said: “The story of this election right now is the collapse of the One Nation vote”

Voters say Senator Hanson has drawn less attention to her One Nation party than she has in previous national and federal polls

Instead of heading to TV screens to share her dissenting opinion on controversial topics, Senator Hanson has taken a ‘boots on the pitch’ approach

She has traveled much of the state to visit most of the 90 seats One Nation has

‘The difference is you have local media that don’t have the people on the ground to cover when I was there, I didn’t have an entourage to follow me’

She continued to lash out at the media for not giving it her attention while traveling the state, claiming the newspapers ‘don’t lean towards One Nation’

Accused of not campaigning properly, the seasoned politician insisted she had been on the trail but the media had not adequately covered her campaign

‘We put out press releases and policies that we advocate, but they weren’t interested the public had no idea, she says

Despite declining support, the party is still on track to retain its central headquarters in Queensland, Mirani

Ms Hanson also told Sky News that she does not believe in forecasts that Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk will be re-elected, as Labor is on the verge of retaining a majority in the state parliament

“I’m not very worried because… if you watch Rockhampton when you have the voting booth in a part of Rockhampton the votes in the outer city won’t be counted,” Ms Hanson told Sky News

‘There is another big problem, with postal votes 30% of those will be informal, this is going to have a huge impact on his election so I think it will be too close to call tonight

‘ / p>

“People say Palaszczuk will come back, I don’t think it will,” she said

Labor will return to power in Queensland, thanks to support from retirees worried about COVID-19

Labor is expected to return to power in Queensland, likely retaining their majority, but potentially having to rule with minor party support

As the vote count continued after Saturday’s election, Labor was on track to hold up to 49 seats, an increase from its previous figures

The National Liberal Party appears to have lost two net seats, bringing its number to 36 in the 93-seat chamber

Katter’s Australian party was expected to hold three seats, the Greens also on track to hold at least two and possibly three seats

The night’s biggest victim was former Deputy Prime Minister Jackie Trad, who lost his South Brisbane seat to Greens Amy MacMahon

Deputy LNP chief Tim Mander said the result was’ incredibly disappointing ‘, citing opposition parties’ inability to get political oxygen amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Opposition Leader Deb Freckington has widely supported closing the Labor border, in addition to criticizing the Prime Minister in September for preventing Sarah Caisip, a nurse from Canberra, 26, from attending the funeral of his father Bernard Prendergast in Brisbane

‘This means that the pandemic has had a major impact on another opposition, as in other jurisdictions in the country and abroad,’ he told ABC

The pandemic was also a key factor in the ACT and Northern Territory electoral victories for Labor

Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles said it was not so much about tenure as it was about the quality of the government’s response to the pandemic and the opposition’s failure to show support

“They criticized our health advice, they criticized the health official, called for borders to be opened when Queenslanders wanted borders closed,” he said

‘I don’t think it’s fair to say they just couldn’t get oxygen what they did with oxygen was also wrong’

Labor’s first 395% vote was based on a 54 percent swing

The LNP got 353% of the primary votes, with half of the votes counted on Saturday night

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