A man from Queensland who was given an incorrect dose of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine has had life-saving heart surgery delayed for several days as the CEO of Healthcare Australia stands aside on the incident

The ABC was told that the 88-year-old man, who was due to have surgery a few days after receiving the vaccine in a nursing home in northern Brisbane, will have surgery next week

It is assumed that the operation has been delayed as a precautionary measure and that the man who worked at the St Andrews Hospital is observed, has shown no side effects

A 94-year-old woman who was also given the wrong dose will return home today, Health Secretary Greg Hunt


The medical mishap was accused of a doctor who had not completed the mandatory online vaccine training course prior to his first engagement as part of the Commonwealth rollout with private contractor Healthcare Australia

The incident took place on Tuesday at the Holy Spirit Nursing Home, also known as St Vincent’s Care Services, in north Brisbane

Mr. Hunt said the company responsible for the training, Healthcare Australia, had been notified of a possible resignation and that the CEO, Jason Cartwright, had stepped aside

“The company had Professor Brendan Murphy’s book tossed on it as secretary – something he doesn’t do very often,” said Hunt,

“Third, they have brought in additional leadership, and, fourth, at the request of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth has established the clinical leadership of former Australian Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer Deb Thoms”

After talking to the department, Mr. Hunt said the CEO would be put aside and the company would install new management

As a result of the incident, there were some delays in introducing the vaccine

“Healthcare Australia has slowed its rollout due to the department’s request to provide absolute guarantees of clinical safety and quality. They reviewed their practices this morning,” he said

“We apologize wholeheartedly to the affected patients and their families for the hardship this has caused, and assure the community that the mistake was isolated and will not be repeated,” he said

“While the review is complete, Jason Cartwright, CEO of Healthcare Australia, has agreed to step down and an interim CEO with extensive healthcare experience will be appointed shortly”

“We welcome the Commonwealth’s commitment to share the results of its investigation with Queensland and what steps are being taken to ensure this does not happen again”

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said it had urgently requested independent evidence that all other immunizers had completed the required training

The doctor who administered the wrong doses has been banned from the vaccination program and the incident is being investigated

Beth Mohle, secretary of the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union, described the incident as very worrying and said it required a full investigation

“It really takes courage to speak up and raise concerns – this is the crucial role nurses play every day,” Ms. Mohle said

Ms. Mohle said that introducing vaccination into a system that was already under extreme pressure would always be a very complex and logistically challenging process

Bruce Willet, chairman of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, has urged Australians not to be reluctant to be vaccinated

“Don’t let that put you off. It’s really important that people get vaccinated,” he said

Dr Willet said he will be completing the vaccination training module this weekend as his family doctor practice prepares for the vaccine to roll out there in the coming weeks

“In addition to the normal training doctors would have on giving vaccinations, a three-hour module must be completed before those vaccinations, which are actually specific to those COVID vaccinations,” he said

Dr Willett said he intended to deregister all of his employees who would be delivering vaccines to his clinic as soon as they show a certificate of training

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World News – AU – Heart surgery has been delayed for patients given the wrong dose of vaccine as Healthcare Australia CEO stepped aside

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