Paul McCartney has announced McCartney III Imagined, a new release that features an all-star cast of guest artists and their take on Sir Paul’s last album, McCartney III

On 16 April the album was teased via Macca’s social media channels, indicating the guests involved.These guests are now officially confirmed and include Beck, Dominic Fike, Khruangbin, St Vincent, Blood Orange, Phoebe Bridgers, Ed O’Brien, Damon Albarn, Josh Homme, Anderson Paak, 3DRDN and Idris Elba

McCartney’s McCartney III Imagined website, personally curated by Paul, has an A-List selection of friends, fans, and brand new acquaintances, each of whom treat and / or their favorite McCartney III moments in their own signature reinterpreting styles The result is a kaleidoscopic reinterpretation of an album “Rolling Stone” that has been dubbed “Inspiration for All of Us” – one that serves as an extension of the immediately beloved “McCartney III” while serving as a brilliant and adventurous milestone in McCartney discography stands for itself ”

The album’s first title preview is Dominic Fike’s version of “The Kiss of Venus,” the video of which can be viewed below along with the album’s full track listing

‘McCartney III Imagined’ – on 16 April digitally published and now available for pre-order: https: // PaulMcCartneylnkzu / 3Imagined ‘McCartney III’ – the new a

1 Find my way (feat Beck)
2 the kiss of Venus (Dominic Fike)
3 Pretty Boys (feat Khruangbin)
4 women and women (St. Vincent Remix)
5 Deep Down (Blood Orange Remix)
6 Seize the Day (feat Phoebe Bridgers)
7 Slidin ‘(EOB Remix)
8 Long-tailed Wintervogel (Damon Albarn Remix)
9 Toilet Lil (Josh Homme)
10 When Winter Comes (Anderson Paak Remix)
11 Deep Deep Feeling (3D RDN Remix)
12 Long-tailed Wintervogel (Idris Elba Remix) *
* Exclusive track for physical release

Recorded during the “Egypt Station” sessions, but without the album (and the extended version of the album), it was eventually released as a single for Record Store Day. Produced by Greg Kurstin, who produced and co-wrote Adele’s “Hello”, he also worked with Pink, Sia, Halsey, Kelly Clarkson and the Foo Fighters in the ’70s or in a world with more sensible pop charts this would have been a huge hit

A beautiful acoustic solo piece by Paul, produced by George Martin The song begins as a tender love song: “It was written that I would love you / From the moment I opened my eyes / And in the morning when I first saw you / gave me life under calico skies” But then it takes a turn and sounds like a protest song: “Long live all of us mad soldiers / Those born under the calico sky / May we never be called to deal with it / All weapons of war we despise”

An odd bit of electro pop that sounds like Paul heard a bit of Devo or Kraftwerk. It was a little ahead of its time; In fact, McCartney didn’t perform it live until 35 years after McCartney II was released May 2015 at the O2 Arena in London He kept it on set for about a year

A collaboration with Ryan Tedder, a songwriter / producer who scored 5 big hits with Adele, Beyonce and Maroon among others And that’s a catchy pop jam indeed. Of course, the overly cheeky title and chorus likely prevented that it became a hit

The first song Paul ever wrote Paul performed this Buddy Holly-ish song once – in his “MTV Unplugged” episode. He made fun of his lyrics and yes, he still had some development work to do, but hey, he was only 14 years old “Well your clothes weren’t expensive / your hair didn’t always curl / I don’t know why I love her / but I love my little girl”

Buddy Holly was a huge influence on Paul McCartney, who later bought the man’s publishing catalog. McCartney and his band are clearly having a great time beating up this garage rock gem

A song that George Michael used for his 1990 album “Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1” as a tribute to McCartney and the Beatles. McCartney took the compliment clearly and re-recorded the song 16 years later with Michael

The B-side to the first single from “Flowers In The Dirt” was a good sign for the fans. After a few years of comparatively weak albums, the fact that “Flying” hadn’t made the cut for Paul’s new release showed that he was to for the first time in a while, had an overabundance of great songs to choose from

Fun fact: “Say Say Say” was recorded about a year before McCartney and Jackson’s “That Girl Is Mine” duet, but released about a year after “Thriller”, “and while the megastars seemed to be enjoying it hammering on “That Girl Is Mine” is clearly the better song “Say Say Say” There was also a video that McCartney held to MTV audiences along with the station’s biggest star at the time

Let’s call it soft rock or even yacht rock, it dominated radio in the late 1970s and Paul’s “With A Little Luck” fit right into those playlists. One of Paul’s cutest jams, another of his No. 1 Hits It also has one of pop’s best false endings: you think the song ends around 3:44 pm, but after four minutes Paul brings in a funky bass line that leads to a great final section of the song

McCartney said he often wrote a line and started a song around it. As he said in “Paul McCartney: In His Own Words,” “with” Eleanor Rigby “I had the rice picked up at church, in the The wedding took place “That was the only big line that got me into this, with this it was’ Nobody who ever lived in nineteen eighty-five that’s all I’ve had from this song in months In nineteen eighty years there is nobody stayed alive six? ‘ It wouldn’t have worked! ”

Together with “Drive My Car”, it is one of Paul’s best driving songs, inspired by the trips Paul and Linda made with their Land Rover in Scotland

Written in part as a counter-argument to John Lennon who said his ex-partner just wrote “silly love songs,” it was still a # 1 hit in the U.S. and featured a funky Paul bassline that allowed the song to coexist on pop radio alongside disco hits

Paul’s second best “Vogel” song (the best would of course be the Beatles’ “Blackbird”), it’s still one of the highlights of Paul’s best post-Beatles album, “Band On The Run”, and if offered three and a half minutes Time to relax after the album’s opening tracks, “Band On The Run” and “Jet” ”

A goofy tweet about this song sparked a funny little “Paul Is Dead” rumor about the lyrics. The tweet theorized it was about witchcraft: “The moon is right / spirits are high / we are today Evening here / And that’s enough “And then someone comes in and they pretend everything is normal:” We’re just having a wonderful Christmas time! “Regardless of what you read in the texts, it’s a holiday classic and one of the best Solo jams by Paul

The title track to one of Cameron Crowe’s weirdest films; Paul only saw a bit of the movie, and it clearly inspired him to get a bit psychedelic – a bit of Beatlesque, dare we say – for that two and a half minute ditty

“Driving Rain” was a kind of relaunch for McCartney It was his first album with originals after Linda’s death, and you can hear his fear and sadness in this song: “I tried to get over you / I tried to find something new / But everything I ever do could / was to fill my time / with thoughts of youon the album he also worked with drummer Abe Laboriel Jr and guitarist / bassist Rusty Anderson, who would become the core of his touring band for the album (which was his band for any subsequent tour)

‘Flowers In The Dirt’ was a comeback album for Paul McCartney after a series of mostly weak 80s albums (maybe it had a little kick in the back when he watched George Harrison’s massive success with his 1989 ‘Cloud Nine ‘album) Many of the highlights of “Flowers” were songs McCartney wrote with Elvis Costello, but “This One” showed that Paul could still write amazing songs himself

“Choba B CCCP” is Russian for “Back in the USSR” and this 1988 album was recorded for Paul’s Russian fans. It returned to the songs the Beatles had covered while playing bars, “Twenty Flight Rock” is an Eddie Cochran jam from the 1956 film “The Girl Can’t Help It”; It’s also the song Paul John Lennon played when the two first met, and it led to Lennon inviting him to join the quarries that later changed their name to – of course – the Beatles

1984’s “Give My Regards To Broad Street” – the album and the movie – didn’t mark a high point in Paul’s career, but this song – with a stellar guitar solo by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd – saved the project

There’s a good argument that George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” was the greatest song ever rejected by the Beatles (you can hear his original demo for “Beatles Anthology 3”) The song about the ephemeral nature of love and life (“Sunrise doesn’t last all morning / A downpour doesn’t last all day / Seems my love is up and left you with no warning / It won’t always be that gray”) became Widely interpreted as breaking ties between George, John, Paul, and George Hearing Paul perform a solo version a few months after George’s death is deeply moving

Considered a bit too simple by some (with texts like “We all know that people are the same everywhere / In everyone is good and bad / And we learn to live, we learn to give each other / What we need to survive alive together ”), it was nonetheless one of his greatest hits that led the US Pop charts and stayed there for seven weeks. And although music and lyrics are pretty harmless, it was still banned in apartheid-era South Africa

Sometimes All You Need to Do is Sax McCartney wasn’t happy with the song until they had the idea of ​​getting a saxophonist on track. Someone in the studio noticed jazz musician Tom Scott lived half an hour away, so they called him, he showed up and the song went on to surpass the US Pop Charts “‘Love is okay for everything we know / After all we know, our love will grow’ / That’s what the man saidBut who is the man? We still don’t know Paul said,” I like the idea that I let people decide who is the man in their mind ”

A song that Paul wrote during his time with the Beatles and recorded at the beginning of the Ram sessions “Another Day” didn’t make the album, it was released as an independent single. It was his first solo single and became a # 5 hit. Over the years, people have been somewhat critical of Linda’s singing, but her and Paul’s voices blend together perfectly this song

Paul’s first US. The first hit after the Beatles was more than a little like the second side of Abbey Road Like this suite, it seems to combine small fragments of songs that seem completely separate from each other. But since Paul was at the peak of his powers, it kind of works

In ‘Kisses On The Bottom’ Paul visited the pre-rock’n’roll songbook – supported by jazz star Diana Krall and her band – with songs like “I’ll sit down and write me a letter” and “Ac- Cent-Tchu-Ate the positives, but he wrote two songs in the style of that era, and this song (with Eric Clapton on acoustic guitar) holds up to those standards

The climax of Paul’s album “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard”, produced by Radiohead employee Nigel Godrich Legend has it that after a day in the studio with his touring band, Godrich decided that Paul would record the entire album solo without his friends would have to to keep him from being surrounded by his usual gang. In contrast to his self-titled solo albums, he is accompanied by a string section here

Paul and the Beatles have always loved covering their early rock and roll idols, and Paul came back to this on “Run Devil Run,” his first album after Linda’s death. The album had a lot of legendary rock Beatles ‘n’ roll covers including “Bluejean Bop” and “All Shook Up,” but this Zydeco-infused accordion-heavy version of Chuck Berry’s classic was the highlight of the set

Like some of his peers – Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones in particular – Paul got his mojo back in the late 80s. He stopped following trends and instead returned to basics after a few albums the British might call “naff” Paul did so with the help of Elvis Costello, just over a decade in his own career. Elvis helped Paul reckon with his past as a Beatle and reminded him what it was like to have a solid co-author of The Version of ” That Day Is Done “on” Flowers In The Dirt “is solid, but the demo – only Paul and Elvis singing over a piano – is even better. It is available in the expanded box set” Flowers In The Dirt ”

More than fifty years after Beatlemania, Paul was still writing hits for teenagers and he didn’t really change his style too much. “Four Five Seconds” consisted mostly of Kanye West and Rihanna singing over Paul’s acoustic guitar playing The three were co-authors of the song, and when the song fell off it apparently drew some younger listeners’ attention to Paul, with some tweets Kanye “gave a guy” Paul McCartney “his big break,” Paul certainly got a laugh from, and he’s still playing the song live

“New”, the album, brought Paul together with a number of hot producers On this song, he collaborated with Mark Ronson, who was known for producing Amy Winehouse and Adele (Fun fact: his stepfather is Mick Jones from Foreigner!) “New” was an upbeat pop song reminiscent of its early days remembered in the Fab Four

Paul collaborated with the surviving members of Nirvana on this one-off song and got in touch with his screaming voice of Little Richard / Jerry Lee Lewis This is one of the heaviest songs Paul has ever made to lead the band and Playing a strange “cigar box guitar” It was more than a novelty and the quartet won the 2014 Best Rock Song Grammy

A cooler version of McCartney’s duet with Michael Jackson: “The girl’s mine Elvis takes the microphone during the song and you can hear him pushing Paul to get a little nervous here. It’s easy to see Costello’s effect on the album hear when you hear this song

If Paul wants to make music a little edgier or stranger than on his solo albums, he reactivates his “Fireman” project: It’s a partnership between Paul and Youth, also known as Martin Glover, member of the industrial punk band Killing Witz, who Verve and Bananarama among others. Their early work was more trancey, but on their third album “Electric Arguments” they became a bit rocker. “Nothing too much besides sight” is in fact one of McCartney’s rockiest songs and one of the few Fireman jams who made it onto a McCartney setlist

One of the McCartney / Costello union songs that landed on Elvis’ album; Paul plays bass here In fact, it’s his legendary Hofner bass guitar that he hadn’t played in years. Elvis insisted Paul use it during their sessions and he has played it on all of his tours since then

OK, we said this album would be about Paul’s post-Beatles songs. But while “Something” was a Beatles song, it was written and sung by George Harrison. In this version, Paul starts the song solo, sings and plays ukulele – an instrument Harrison loved According to one verse, the band – including George’s friend / rival Eric Clapton and Ringo on drums – joins McCartney often playing the solo uke version live, but so many friends of George are in that version only made it more grave

The original version is from the 1982 tug of war and was a letter to John Lennon, who was murdered two years earlier, but this solo acoustic version, recorded two decades later, has more to it just months after George Harrison’s death Weight when Paul – and we all – realized that only half the Beatles walked the earth

Much of “Memory Almost Full” was done solo, a la “McCartney”, “McCartney II” and later “McCartney III” Here Paul plays the mandolin and sings as well as guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion and drums This song, inspired by the dancing of his little daughter Beatrice, is one of his best songs of this millennium

After Linda’s tragic death in 1998, Paul decided to go back to the basics of “Run Devil Run”, an album with rock and roll covers before the Beatles. He also wrote two new songs: In this one Paul saw, how he dealt with the post-Linda life he could have written a ballad, but this song is a rocker that shows defiance despite the misery it is one of Paul’s most underrated gems

“You gave me something, I understand / you gave me love in my hand” Sometimes simple texts convey the idea: “Let me roll / Let me roll you” became an almost too obvious Stoner anthem

After “Give Ireland Back To The Irish” in ’71 McCartney avoided politics in his music for the most part, but in this song he was referring to Watergate and sang: “At the Houses of Parliament / Everyone is talking about the President / We All For A Bag Of Cement “Did Paul imply that they were mob-style” looking after “him by fitting him for a pair of” cement shoes “? Paul Still Haven’t Said Whatever it was, it’s one of Paul’s most rocking solo jams

By the ’80s, classic artists had to get on MTV to find new audiences, and this single did the job for Paul it was ubiquitous on the music television channel in the early days of the song about a band trying to get signed, which Paul hadn’t thought about much for probably twenty years by the time the song and video united Paul with Ringo Starr and George Martin

The opening track and first single from “Flowers In The Dirt”, that song, announced that Paul was back and it was a little more nervous than what he had done on his previous releases It was one of the best songs of McCartney’s songwriting partnership with Elvis Costello. The lyrics about a new type of single would take on new and haunting meaning a few years later, after Linda’s tragic death

“McCartney” starts off with a 44-second melody called “The Lovely Linda”, but the actual opening track is “That Would Be Something,” which really sets the stage for a solo album with only Paul singing, acoustic guitar and plays bass, along with a tom-tom drum and cymbal. He also adds vocal percussion. It was surprising to hear the guy who made the Beatles through productions like “Let It Be” and “The Long And Winding Road” led the “Let It Be” album, made such a lo-fi recording with such simple lyrics. But “That Would Be Something” was more delta blues than arena rock and is still considered one of Paul’s coolest songs

Paul’s second solo album, “McCartney II,” came after Wings had taken its course. Like McCartney in the 1970s, Paul played all the instruments and almost all the vocals. But of course it was a different musical climate; “Coming Up” was Paul’s nod to the disco The song was apparently also a favorite of John Lennon Paul told Billboard that he had heard that “Coming Up” inspired his old songwriting partner to come back with the after a break Start recording

In 1970, the 60s rockers were approaching the Middle Ages, but few of them could get excited about it in their music.After all, it didn’t seem cool to praise your wife in the song McCartney, the only Beatle able to Making an entire solo album without assistance (he played guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums on the album) didn’t have to worry about looking chilly to bandmates as he wrote an ode to his solid relationship with LInda

What is “Jet” about? McCartney has said it was a puppy they had at the time, although that doesn’t explain the “suffragette” line. In “Paul McCartney: In His Own Words” he said, “I make so much stuff It means something to me when I do, and it means something to the record buyer, but when asked to analyze it I can’t really explain what it is ‘Suffragette’ was crazy enough to work ”

Paul was an icon with the Beatles in the 60s, but as a solo artist he was a perfect fit for radio playlists even in the 70s. The title track to Wings’ best album was a multi-part epic (a la Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer), which contained elements of funk-rock * and * country-rock. He somehow fitted it all into a song that was barely longer than five minutes

The original version is from Paul’s solo debut “McCartney” and was inspired by Linda Paul wrote the song when the Beatles broke up, and as nice as this intimate solo debut was, “Maybe I’m Amazed” benefited from the Treatment of the Whole Band In fact, it was the live version that became a top 10 hit, and it was one of the best stadium ballads of the 1970s, and it’s still a high point of Paul’s solo shows

It’s the best James Bond theme song of all time, and also Paul’s best post-Beatles moment, the song that reunited Paul with Beatles producer George Martin combines Paul’s beautiful ballad with laser- and pyro-friendly arena rock He also sums up 007’s job succinctly: “If you have a job to do / you have to do it well / you have to give the other HEEEEEELLLLLL !!!” The song was updated more eerily almost two decades later when Guns N’Roses covered it for Use Your Illusion I in 1991

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