Former Liberal Minister Sharman Stone has proclaimed the “secret men’s deal” in the Bundestag and called on the coalition to further investigate the unnamed cabinet minister accused of historical rape

The Australian Federal Police was informed of a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison accusing a minister of the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl in 1988 before the minister entered politics

The letter was forwarded to AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw by Senate Labor Leader Penny Wong and Green Senator Hanson-Young, who were also recipients of the letter

The Prime Minister’s Office said all sexual assault allegations should be referred to the Australian Federal Police

“I am assuming that our Prime Minister will be given the name of the suspected person this poor woman says she raped when she was a young girl,” said Dr Stone told ABC’s Radio National

“Then it is a question of character, and yes, the party should consider this person in terms of their ongoing preselection

“The party itself must convince itself that there is no further story of inappropriate, disrespectful behavior”

The woman reported the allegation to the New South Wales Police in February last year, which sparked an investigation

Four months later, she informed the NSW police that she no longer wanted to pursue the investigation, and the next day she committed suicide

Dr Stone, the former member of the federal seat of Murray, was a minister in the Howard Liberal National Government

Dr Stone said she remembered a group of men in parliament who called themselves “swinging tails” who actively blocked the leadership of Liberal MP Julie Bishop

“It was obviously a very gender thing, if you call yourself that, and you’re all men in the group,” she said

“Women were considered shrill and hysterical when they raised their voices or when they shed a tear they were weak”

Dr Stone said she was concerned that the culture in parliament meant people didn’t have serious consequences for their actions

“The whole secret men business has to stop. It has to be about fairness, justice and justice”

Former political officer Brittany Higgins sent shockwaves through Parliament last week when she claimed she was raped in a ministerial office

She said she held back two years from exposing the allegation for fear of losing her job

The following are separate reports of harassment and bullying in the high pressure environment of Parliament

When she left parliament four years ago, Dr Stone, there is an exit poll for outgoing politicians

“This material is full of sexism, concerns about bullying, concerns about the incompatibility of work and family”

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