An ex-boyfriend of the woman Christian Porter accused of rape claims he denies, has revealed new details and has requested an investigation

The family of the woman Attorney General Christian Porter accused of raping her as a teenager want an independent investigation. What now if the PM pushes back?

Christian Porter took photos with his accuser on the night of the alleged incident. Porter vigorously denies any wrongdoing Image: SuppliedSource: ABC

A former friend of the Adelaide woman who has accused Attorney General Christian Porter of alleged rape has first announced that she had had relevant discussions with him in 1989, a year after the alleged incident, and is calling for an independent one Person investigating the matter

In a statement regarding his contact with the woman in the 1980s and his conversations with Mr. Porter in the early 1990s, Macquarie Group’s executive director James Hooke also offered to assist in any investigation

Mr. Porter has vigorously denied the allegations, insisting that the events described by the prosecutor never took place

Mr Hooke does not specify in his statement exactly what the Adelaide woman, whose name was withheld at the family’s request, told him in 1989, but it does suggest that the discussions were progressive

In the statement to the NachrichtencomAu, he notes that he is the man referred to as “James” in the woman’s unworn testimony and excerpts from her diaries

He also claims that he had relevant discussions with Mr Porter about his relationship with the woman in Perth in 1992 and that Mr Porter vigorously denies the rape allegation

“I continue to be devastated by the untimely death of my very dear friend, and I am enormously concerned for the privacy and dignity of her family,” said Hooke

“I’m also concerned about Christian Porter’s well-being. I’ve known them all for about 30 years. We are all in a very exciting time

“Mine is just a collection of memories, and I am aware of the fallibility of human memory, even if it is unintentional

“Nonetheless, in my opinion, I have clear memories of relevant discussions that I had with her over the years from mid-1988 until her death

“In my opinion, I also have clear memories of relevant discussions that I had with Christian Porter from April 1992 in Perth to the mid-1990s”

Mr. Hooke, a lawyer by training, is the Senior Managing Director of Macquarie Group. He is the former CEO of Macquarie-managed, Australian-listed toll road company Atlas Arteria for $ 5 billion

He is also the former chief executive officer of Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation, based in New York. He also held various positions at Fairfax Media Limited (now part of Nine Entertainment Co), business advisor to Bain & Company and Phillips Fox Solicitors

His testimony is particularly significant because it represents the first time a witness claims the woman discussed the alleged incident decades ago, and follows media claims, dismissed by her close friends, that her memories are “freshly shaped “And can be inspired by the repressed memory theory

“NSW police have determined that prosecution is not possible in this case. I reported to NSW police after her death and understand why they were unable to interview me,” Hooke said

“In relation to any criminal prosecution, Christian Porter was clearly and appropriately entitled to the presumption of innocence – this is essential to the rule of law

“With respect to any investigation into the important non-criminal aspects of this matter, I support an investigation such as that conducted by either three respected retired judges after Judge Lionel Murphy was acquitted of charges, or by Dr Vivienne Thom Justice Allegations Heydon I am ready to testify under oath ”

on any properly convened investigation

Christian Porter took photos with his accuser on the night of the alleged incident. Porter vigorously denies any wrongdoing Image: SuppliedSource: ABC

Mr Hooke also suggests that if the Prime Minister reconsider his rejection of an independent investigation, he would act as a breaker to the “media process” that Mr Porter complained about in his press conference

“While I wholeheartedly support freedom of the press, I don’t think the media is the best forum to examine a situation of this sensitivity and importance”

In her diaries, which are attached to her unworn affidavit and anonymously sent to the Prime Minister, the prosecutor discusses whether to tell “James” about the alleged rape in 1991. She said she was previously in a relationship James was with

“How can I tell this story?” In January 1991 she wrote in her diary “To whom? James – maybe if we ever get back together ”

Newscomau put Hooke’s statement to Mr Porter for comment, and a spokesman said: March found the attorney general is on leave He does not propose to comment further ”

Previously, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller announced on Friday why the police had decided not to question Mr. Porter about the historical rape claims

As evidence to the NSW Parliament, Commissioner Fuller also confirmed that the COVID restrictions prevented police from making an affidavit of the woman before her death

She withdrew the complaint in an email to NSW police just 24 hours before her June 2020 suicide and her family home

After Strikeforce Wyndarra was set up to investigate the allegations, Commissioner Fuller said he had not alerted the Morrison administration or other politicians

“I haven’t personally contacted anyone outside of the organization regarding this. I had a very high-level discussion with Deputy Commissioner David Hudson, but at this point the lady wasn’t sure what action she wanted,” he said

“A historical sexual assault, a statement that is extremely complicated. It’s not a simple statement. It’s not something that would do justice to taking it over the phone. And the challenge is still to turn it into a.” to bring and send and sign admissible form which could possibly be done However, as we know, these are complex investigations and you really need to make sure that the alleged victim’s testimony is strongest to pass the test of a possible exam to pass ”

Commissioner Fuller has previously indicated that it is extremely difficult, almost impossible, to investigate such matters after the complainant’s death

“The alleged victim did not want to continue, which is not uncommon in these matters,” he said. “It takes tremendous courage for people to come forward and it is a very challenging journey through justice for the victims And it is not uncommon for victims, even after making a statement, to withdraw their complaint on these matters

“We always follow the wishes of the victim so that we do not still use victim support and social services”It’s not that the trip ends, but unfortunately in this case, and tragically, it took her own life the next day”

“I’d tell you and I’ll give you these numbers I think we got 10 percent of the 100 percent of the complaints we get about adult sexual assault, and I think we win 10 percent of those who are on trial

“So it is difficult, and it is a difficult journey for the victim Only when you have other evidence, forensic independent witnesses who almost saw the crime, can we secure a conviction”And I think I said this in the media because I understand the interest in it but won’t let it be lost, what we need to change is the journey for the victims in the justice system”

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