If pro-Trump attorney L Lin Wood demanded that Vice President Mike Pence be executed on Friday afternoon for high treason It seemed safe to assume that things couldn’t get much crazier

Wood was already aware of the rabbit hole he was tumbling down and had to reassure his followers that the allegations of his “madness” were not true and that everything was “all right” “But instead of spending the weekend, Wood spat on Twitter out, saying that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive and that Chief Justice John Roberts and Mitch McConnell are part of a large conspiracy to undermine President Donald Trump”

The bizarre verbal abuse all culminated in the early hours of Monday morning when Wood tweeted a baseless QAnon-related conspiracy theory alleging high-profile individuals are involved in a blackmail fraud involving the “rape and murder of children that were captured on videotape ”

QAnon has long claimed that a cabal of Democratic and Hollywood elites runs a global child sex trafficking ring, but Wood has given the conspiracy a new twist: a hacking group called the Lizard Squad was subsequently given copies of these videos Access to any of the 10 intelligence agencies that Wood claims was involved in the program

The Lizard Squad is a real-life group of hackers who rose to fame in 2014 when they successfully shut down gaming networks like Sony’s PlayStation Network and Xbox Live – and tweeted a bombshell threat to a Sony executive’s American Airlines flight, the group closed also North Korea’s internet and threatened to post naked pictures of Taylor Swift

Wood has provided no evidence to back up his claims about the hackers’ involvement, and a former member of the Lizard Squad says they never did anything even close to what is described

“I could only assume Wood was ‘schizoposting’ or being trolled or hacked,” Vinnie Omari told VICE News. “But I doubt he was hacked”

Omari said he had not had any contact with hacking groups in the past few years, making it clear that he “never had files hacked,” which Woods described as “Lizard Squad was never involved in spying on the government of any country we did also never a government hacked or attacked ”

But Wood didn’t stop there.He went on to claim that the Lizard Squad then provided the files to Isaac Kappy, an actor and QAnon supporter who took his own life in 2019.Wood claims Kappy was in fact murdered, when he tried to give the president the information – although, as with all the other allegations made during the Twitter rant, he did not provide any evidence

Wood says he now has the “keys” to the files but will only get them to Trump or the disgraced National Security Advisor (and key QAnon supporter) Michael Flynn or Sidney Powell, another QAnon-supporting lawyer who Previously part was making available the team of attorneys trying to overturn election results in states across the country

Wood, Powell, and Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani had led a nationwide campaign to overturn election results over false claims of election fraud and disruption of voting machines, all of which were fired by judges

As legal remedies have been blocked, Trump and his allies have turned to increasingly outrageous tactics, including spreading conspiracy theories

Wood’s previous clients include Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged with fatal shooting at protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin; and Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who met protesters outside their St Louis home

He also represented Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon-supporting Republican House Representative who attended her first day of Congress on Sunday wearing a “TRUMP WON” mask

But just as Powell paused after a conference in mid-November to reinforce QAnon’s claims of electoral fraud conspiracies involving China and Venezuela, Wood is now being ostracized by his former colleagues

“To be clear, I do not endorse attorney Lin Wood’s testimony,” tweeted Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis Friday night after Wood called for Pence to be executed, adding, “I support the rule of law and the U.”S. Constitution ”

Wood replied to Ellis on Saturday saying he was fighting for both of “7 years before you were born”

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Lin Wood

World News – AU – Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood does a Helluva job convincing people he is not crazy

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