A traveler returning to Queensland from Africa has tested positive for the fast-spreading British variant of the pandemic virus

Queensland Health said the man in his thirties was rushed to hospital from hotel quarantine

Queensland chief health officer Jeannette Young said genome sequencing revealed the man had the UK variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19

“This detection underscores the importance of our hotel quarantine policy, especially for overseas travelers,” said Dr Young

“The cases are increasing rapidly internationally and new variants like this would be difficult to contain in the community

“Our best approach is to make sure that potential cases are identified where they do not pose a risk to other Queenslanders” ”

The diagnosis comes after a Sunshine Coast woman tested positive for a South African variant of the virus earlier this week, which is also believed to be highly contagious

The news of the British variant B117 reaching Queensland comes when traces of COVID-19 were discovered in sewage at two other locations in southeast Queensland

Routine tests have shown positive results for virus fragments in wastewater from wastewater treatment plants at Bundamba in West Moreton and Merrimac on the Gold Coast

Dr Young said the persistently positive wastewater results are particularly worrying given the NSW cluster and new cases in Victoria

“These positive test results are worrying as they may indicate either a recovered case or undetected active cases living in or visiting the area

“It is very important that everyone in the Bundamba and Merrimac catchment areas who has symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, reports for testing. If there are active cases in the area, it is important that we identify them early to prevent further transmission

“With the growing cluster in New South Wales and new cases in Victoria, it is better to play it safe” ”

Sewage tests last week also showed positive results at seven sewage sites in Queensland – Victoria Point, Oxley Creek, Goodna, Fairfield, Cairns North, Redcliffe and Nambour

Three new cases were reported in Queensland today. All were infected overseas and have returned from South Africa, India and Pakistan and are being hospitalized. Genome sequencing is ongoing to determine the viral lines

As Queensland prepares for the New Year’s greeting, Dr Young said she was closely monitoring the coronavirus situation in NSW and Victoria

“I urge Queenslanders to travel to these states to rethink their plans If that is not a requirement you should consider staying here, ”she said

“The next 24 hours are critical to Victoria and the NSW cluster is growing daily. Queensland is in a good position right now as we acted quickly to make Greater Sydney a hotspot

“We have worked hard to keep COVID-19 out of the Queensland community and we don’t want this to be reversed out of complacency” ”


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World News – AU – Qld man has a contagious British mutant COVID strain

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