The battle for the golden triangle appears to have begun after Rex billed considerably more days after Virgin and Qantas’ own $ 49 sales of tickets to the Sydney-Melbourne sale

On Monday, Qantas began selling the route for $ 109, while Virgin opened it on Jan. Sold for $ 78 on February

Rex will be born on 1 March will initially operate nine round-trip flights a day between NSW and the Victorian capitals with an initial fleet of six leased 737s The network is to be expanded to Brisbane by Easter

Wednesday’s announcement is important as the company originally offered the tickets for $ 79 in December, and Rex also announced that it will offer Business Class fares starting at $ 199

John Sharp, Vice Chairman of Rex, said, “Most airport taxi rides cost more than $ 49 This is a wonderful opportunity for travelers to switch between Australia’s two largest cities on a whim to get across the Getting over the COVID blues

“It is important that all fares during this pandemic are covered by Rex’s COVID Refund Policy, which guarantees a full refund on all flights affected by COVID, even if Rex’s flights are not affected”

Rex’s aggressive move comes days after Qantas trumped Virgin with a significantly more generous policy that waived the fees passengers have to pay to rebook flights

The new offer means that those who register before the 30th Domestic or Trans-Tasman flights for travel until April 31, 2021 Book January 2022, do not have to pay a fee for the change

The applicable offer from Virgin is for those who register before March 31 March 2021 for trips up to 30 June 2021 – six months in advance – Australian Aviation expects Virgin to keep up with Qantas’ deal later this week

Change fees and booking flexibility have been a major battlefield for airlines over the past year. In January, Rex claimed “other airlines” had criticized their COVID refund policy, which allows any passenger affected by border closings to get their money back

This is similar to offers from Virgin and Qantas, which only allow refunds if the flight is canceled by the operator, but not if the restrictions that prohibit certain passengers from flying change

“Rex will begin with nine round-trip flights from Sydney to Melbourne per day,” announced Sharp. “Two more 737s will be added by Easter to expand our domestic network to Brisbane and other major cities. If everything goes as planned, let’s hope to grow our fleet to eight to ten by the end of 2021

“Rex offers all the usual benefits of a full-service carrier, including eight business class seats. All tariffs include baggage allowance, food, pre-assigned seats and online check-in. Lounge access and onboard WiFi are for the Business Class is free, while Economy passengers can access these options for a small fee ”

The shareholder then voted “overwhelmingly” to approve the company’s $ 150 million investment to launch the route on Jan. Approve January

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