John Shimoka will be quick to tell you,’ I’m lucky as a mother ‘He didn’t need to just look at him

Shamo knew that he lived a happy life from his days on tour in the 1980s as a “Hawaiian dancer”, to the successful comeback after “falling the wheels”, to life in Australia with his family and his career that kept him in the surf world and in touch with him A huge circle of surfing friends, Shmoo put on his luck for all to see

John Chimuka passed away last night. No details have been provided here, which might tell you enough right now This will be a very difficult day for many people in Hawaii, Australia and around the world. Surfing has lost one of its greatest personalities and warm spirits


Shmoo from Hawaii appeared in the mid-1980s as a counterpoint to the South Shore in the manly North Shore atmosphere. Shmoo was surfing fast and surfing with his hips he rode waves as if dancing to a tune in his head It was deadly on the beach breaks that made up most of the tour That time

Always quick to get urine out of his short stature, Awad Shamou with a very sophisticated personality who filled the room shame wherever he went Five minutes into his company and you simply became an extra on the Shmoo Show along with their close companions like Rod Kerr, Matt Howe, Doug Marsh, Butz , Gere, Sunny Garcia and Sony Miller, they surfed quickly and participated faster, although in the late 1980s, Shamu laughed when describing his tour dynamics this way, “The competition was so annoying it hampered the celebration.”

Eventually he collapsed badly and set off on Tour Year 92 “I was living in California and there was a three-month period where I was partying every night. Lisa and I had no money. I counted the bean rolls down to 7-11 for sausages and cigarettes, but I always What I have money to buy beer and everything else I wasn’t surfing and I was close to 90 kilograms, which is a lot of weight for a four-foot-tall person I hit the bottom of a big one and I remember waking up one afternoon and Sunny was there saying, ‘Shamo, what are doing? Go back to Hawaii

Sunny Garcia took him home, flogged him in natural shape and brought him back on tour in ’95 the duo reached the final together that year at Bills

After the tour ended, Shmoo became the voice of surfing during the 2000s as a commentator and radio host as surfing boomed, Shmoo was everywhere he moved to Australia with his wife Lisa in 1999, and they had their son Brandon shortly after he lived in Cronulla, and eventually began working with Surfing NSW as their General Manager, running contests and presenting his daily “Shmoo-one-two” surfing reports that charisma never faded.

The last days however were tough. Last year he lost his wife and wife Lisa After a few months, best friend Sunny attempted suicide, survived but now needs full-time care

“Not a day goes by and I don’t think of you two beautiful souls,” Shamo posted online “I love you so much and look forward to seeing you at some sunny time when we go surfing someday soon and Lisa when God says so”

Their loss had a lot of weight that saved him at his lowest point, losing both of them in quick succession that knocked him up or down, Shamu wore his heart on his sleeve and was always telling you how he was walking often he didn’t have to say it; It was just a stressful tone in his voice, or an enthusiasm for life at only eight and not his usual level 11 Shmoo was awake a lot, and choosing him when he was frustrated was easy

You can only imagine what he was carrying, but through him was willing to share his troubles to save some good from him. In August of last year, he attended the “Surfers Unite to Fight Suicide” event in Oladola, he woke up that night and talked about Sunny, and the need to talk About what happened To prevent it from happening to someone else’s best friend

Shumu was scheduled to return to Hawaii in December and was looking forward to reconnecting with his crew from Hawaii for the first time in a few years. He posted a picture of Waikiki with the caption, “I can’t wait !!! My first happy place I’m coming home!”

Shmoo son Brandon survived our thoughts go to him, and all the Shmoo families surfing in Hawaii, Australia, and all over the world we’ve lost another good one

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John Shimooka

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