Former South Sydney and England star Sam Burgess successfully appealed his conviction last month for intimidating his ex-dad right

Burgess was found guilty of intimidation following an argument with Mitchell Hooke, the father of his ex-wife Phoebe Burgess, on his property near Bowral, NSW in October 2019

On Friday, Goulburn District Court Judge Mark Williams SC upheld the appeal on the grounds that the lower court accepted version of events could be proven beyond doubt, while saying that the accuracy of Mr. Hooke’s version of events was correct is questionable

Hooke had claimed that Burgess walked up to him and pointed with his finger, “15 to two meters from his face and yelled,” I’ll get you “

Burgess accepted that a heated argument had taken place, but denied that he was Mr. Hooke would “get”

“This was a case of Burgess’ word against Hooke’s word,” said Judge Williams, adding that the argument “did not constitute intimidation” before the conviction was overturned

Sam Burgess

World News – AU – Sam Burgess was found not guilty on appeal