The metropolitan police officer arrested in connection with Sarah Everard’s disappearance was not on duty when she disappeared, investigators believe

The troops announced overnight that a serving Met officer had been arrested as part of the search for the missing 33-year-old

He remains in custody this morning, as does an unnamed woman arrested on suspicion of assisting a perpetrator

Speaking to journalists outside Scotland Yard, Deputy Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said on Wednesday: “Our investigations suggest that this officer was not on duty at the time of Sarah’s disappearance”

Police have also started searching for a house in Deal and Woodland near Great Chart Golf and Leisure in Ashford, Kent

AC Ephgrave did not say whether the officer was known to Everard, who disappeared when he was killed on Jan. Went March from Clapham to her home in Brixton, south London, or for what he was arrested

“This is a serious and significant development in our search for Sarah, and the fact that the man who was arrested is an acting metropolitan police officer is both shocking and deeply worrying,” AC Ephgrave told reporters

He added, “As a father of four young women, I can only imagine how frightened Sarah’s family is at this very, very difficult time”

Everard is said to have walked through Clapham Common on the way home, a journey that should have taken less than an hour

She was last seen on footage captured on a doorbell camera walking down the A205 Poynders Road towards Tulse Hill at around 9:30 p.m.

Officials searched Clapham Common, and on Tuesday night investigators put a cordon in a block of flats near where Everard was last seen

Sniffer dogs were used to search the nearby Oaklands Estate and gardens while police lifted the ceiling and searched the drains along the A205

More than 120 calls were received and 750 homes in the area were visited as part of the investigation, the Met


London Mayor Sadiq Khan told PA News Agency, “First and foremost, I think all of our thoughts would go to Sarah’s family, parents, siblings and friends

“Actually Sarah disappeared near where I lived and we saw my wife and daughters walking around, the posters their friends put up, and it’s heartbreaking, it’s heartbreaking

“It is now in the public domain that a serving police officer has been arrested by the Met

“One of the things that confirm this is that when it comes to protecting the public, when it comes to solving crimes, our police force operates in a situation where there is no fear or favor

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Sarah Everard

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