Scott Morrison has declared it a “triumph of democracy” that women justice activists could gather in front of the parliament building in Canberra and in Canberra other cities across Australia without being “hit with bullets” / p>

The prime minister, who is under sustained pressure because his government is handling rape allegations, declined to resign on Monday against May 4000-strong protest on the forecourt of the parliament, later admitted that the push towards equality for women was “not yet done”

In a combative session during Question Time after the protest, Morrison also reprimanded Defense Secretary Linda Reynolds for her now withdrawn comments describing former associate Brittany Higgins as a “lying cow”

Higgins unexpectedly stepped in at the judiciary’s protest on Jan. March in Canberra and told the crowd that she spoke about her alleged rape in the House of Parliament in early 2019, believing that silence equals complicity

The former Liberal worker told the protest that she “watched the Australian Prime Minister publicly apologize to me through the media while his media team privately effectively undermined and discredited my loved ones”

With Labor on the attack, why Morrison had refused to meet the justice protesters on Jan. March, and the government’s stubborn refusal to open an independent investigation into the rape allegations against Attorney General Christian Porter – which he has vigorously denied – Morrison tried to turn the tables on the opposition, stating, “The people of this place live in glass houses”

In a statement at the beginning of Question Time, Morrison said women and men gathered “in rallies large and small to call for change and to tackle violence against women”

While Morrison argued that the drive for justice was a “common cause” across party lines, he drew heckling from across the Chamber for praising the fact that protesters could gather without encountering police violence. p>

“It is well and right that so many can gather here in this way, whether in our capital city or elsewhere, and peacefully to express their concerns and their very real and genuine frustrations,” Morrison told Parliament

“This is a living liberal democracy Not far from here, marches like this are still being hit with bullets – but not here in this country. This is a triumph of democracy when we see these things happening”

Morrison had offered a delegation a private meeting in Parliament in protest – an invitation organizer declined The Prime Minister said he respected their right not to attend a meeting

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese accused the Prime Minister of “having less of a tin ear than a concrete wall” and of ignoring the clear demands of the rallies

“They are screaming this is a moment that requires leadership,” Albanese said. “It takes this Prime Minister’s leadership, and we are not getting it”

When asked during Question Time about Reynolds’ remarks disparaging her former coworker after the rape allegations became known, Morrison said he was pleased that “the shameful arch about Brittany Higgins” had been excused and withdrawn

“This was a statement that should never have been uttered, be it in a private office or anywhere else,” he said

On the day Porter opened a defamation case against the ABC, Morrison continued to oppose requests to open an independent investigation into the 1988 sexual assault allegation that his lawyers believed were false

Morrison tried to deflect the issue by pointing out an allegation against former Labor Party opposition leader Bill Shorten, despite Victoria Police investigating the matter and declaring in 2014 that the trial would not move forward after prosecutors had announced that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction

Morrison argued that there was a “double standard” when it came to a person who “actually presented himself twice as prime minister of this country”

“If interlocutors feel that allegations closed by the police should be the subject of extrajudicial investigations, I am puzzled as to why they never proposed bringing any of their own members of their own bench to bear,” said Morrison

Morrison decided to end Question Time after asking only 35 minutes of questions on Monday – after MPs spent the first part on a condolence motion

Albanians said the government needed to open an independent investigation into the Porter affair. He said some of the government’s arguments against such an investigation were “frankly unbelievable” as the coalition “had an investigation into a former prime minister’s kitchen renovation, long before she was in parliament, “referring to Julia Gillard

Labor and the Greens also followed up on Senate Question Time. Women’s Secretary Marise Payne said she had “had the opportunity to scan Ms. Higgins’ remarks” and she agreed “with a number of those statements “to

“In fact, there are concerns that she has raised over the past few weeks and that I agree with,” said Payne. “We, as parliamentarians, must have all of these problems We must have the errors that enabled these events to occur, and we must have the solutions ”

Scott Morrison

World News – AU – Scott Morrison declares it a “triumph” that the rallies of the judiciary on April 4 will be a “triumph” March were not “hit with bullets”