Fuller House star Lori Loughlin was released from prison in late December 2020 after being found guilty for her role in college admission codenamed “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal on Tuesday morning the 2 On March 8th, Lori Loughlin was spotted doing community service in Los Angeles, where she was photographed for the first time since her time in prison two months ago

According to page 6, Loughlin, 56, has partnered with Project Angel Food to distribute packaged meals, the website reported that the organization “prepares and delivers healthy meals” to people affected by serious illnesses, giving them relief brings on Read on to find out more about what happened to Lori Loughlin

Lori Laughlin was born on 28 Released December last year from federal prison in Dublin, California, after serving nearly two months for her role in the high-profile college admissions scandal, Lori had admitted to a number of wire and mail frauds while her husband was back in May 2020 , fashion designer Massimo Giannulli, pleaded guilty to a core number of wire and mail fraud and a number of “honest services to wire and mail fraud” The couple were accused of leaving college authorities at 500Bribing $ 000 to secure admission for both daughters Reportedly, they had paid the bribe for their daughters joining the University of California as recruits to the University of California’s rowing team, although neither of them ever attended had participated in the sport

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On 21 August last year, a judge approved the couple’s plea and Lori to two months in prison, a fine of 150Sentenced to $ 000 and 150 hours of community service. Her husband Giannulli, 57, received five months in prison, fined 250$ 1,000 and 250 hours of community service Lori Laughlin signed up on Aug. October at FCI-Dublin in Northern California to serve her sentence He was taken to a federal prison in Lompoc, near Santa Barbara, on November 11th, 2020.He is still serving his sentence and will be released through April 2021

Lori Laughlin is best known for her performance as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis on the ABC sitcom Full House (1988-1995) and her Netflix sequel Fuller House (2016-2018)Loughlin is also best known for her roles as Jody Travis in The Edge of Night (1980-1983), Debbie Wilson in CW series 90210 (2008-2012), Jennifer Shannon in the television series Garage Sale Mystery, and Abigail Stanton in When Gets That Heart (2014-2019)

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World News – AU – Lori Loughlin seen for the first time in two months after her release from prison

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