It seems 2020 took a lot longer than 12 months, but it’s coming to an end After 12 months, it’s time for recaps and Spotify is the first taxi with its list of what we’ve streamed this year

The Spotify Wrapped 2020 list takes into account all 320 million subscribers who have used the Spotify service and includes the best artists, albums, songs, playlists and podcasts of the year with global and more local results

The Weeknd topped the list in both Australia and around the world, with its single Blinding Lights winning the most-streamed song, while Local Tones and I took second place with Dance Monkey

Juice WRLD was named the Most Streamed Artist in Australia while Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny won the Most Streamed Artist title worldwide

Australian hip hop group The Hilltop Hoods is our favorite local artist, while The Wiggles is the most streamed artist on Spotify Kids

Billie Eilish receives the nod as Spotify’s most streamed artist, Taylor Swift in second place

Bad Bunny also gets a nod with YHLQMDLG with the world’s most streamed album of 2020, followed by The Weeknds After Hours and Post Malone’s Hollywoods Bleeding

For those of you who listen more to podcasts than music, it’s no surprise that giant The Joe Rogan Experience took first place in podcasts for Spotify this year if you’re not into MMA, DMT, or psilocybin , you can watch the TED Talks Daily and The Daily podcasts in second and third place

This year the Australians showed a fascination for current events From the Newsroom, The Quicky, and Squiz Today named the top three podcasts in Australia It all sounds serious, but fear not, our Larrikin nature insisted on comedy podcasts, the most popular genre among Australian listeners

Do you want the top 5 in each category? Spotify got the job done and broken it down for us both worldwide and here in Australia:

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Spotify Wrapped

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