Samantha Armytage fired a broadside at the media during her tearful closing remarks as co-host of Seven’s Top- Review breakfast show

“I want to say that I never fully understood some of the research, snarkiness, and bullying of some aspects of the media,” said the former Sunrise host on Thursday

â ???? But today we go on Because a new chapter begins and it was mostly a good experience in my life. Most of all, I thank all viewers. You are just wonderful people. There are so many nice people out there? so much nicer than the bad guys

It was a fitting â ???? and not surprisingly â ???? Deregistered given Armytage’s tumultuous relationship with the press over the past few years

Armytage announced her retirement live on the air Monday morning and said she wanted to take a break from public life in light of recent developments in her personal life, including her mother’s death and marriage to millionaire businessman Richard Lavender
Thursday’s goodbye was a relatively normal standard in terms of saying goodbye to television.There were Mondays from Armytage’s eight years with Sunrise, including emotional scenes where she covered bushfires and floods in which the lighter moments were there too: including time when she mispronounced the Cook Islands (your minds don’t have to wander far), was knocked off a cliff in New Zealand, and cockroaches streamed over her live on TV There was also a video call with Armytage’s sister and niece who live in London

Lavender came to Armytage on set in the second half of the program to talk about the beginning of their romance

“I remember seeing her [at a friend’s birthday party] and I had this really nice feeling and I thought this was my girl”? he said it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. She is wonderful. She is a great family girl, which is also very important to me”

Armytage said the couple didn’t have much planned for the coming weeks, but a trip to Europe could be planned as soon as international borders reopen

“This is really the first time I’ve been taking a break in 22 years since I left college”She said we do a lot of gardening it’s not very glamorous”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared to improve his government’s tourism package and also recorded a video message wishing Armytage all the best. There were also honors from NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Seven Chairwoman Kerry Stokes expressed his good wishes and stressed that the presenter would in some way stay with the station

“It’s not goodbye” he said in a statement read by David Koch. Sam will continue to be part of the Seven family and we wish her all the best in her new life with her husband Richardâ ????

And with the clink of the champagne flutes, was it all over? with viewers still in the dark as to who will sit next to Kochie for the rest of the year But in the rated nature of commercial television, would you expect anything less?

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Sam Armytage, Richard Lavendel, husband of Sam Armytage

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