Texas Governor Greg Abbott says all power plants in the state are back online, but hundreds of thousands of households are left without power due to blackout lines and other problems after a violent winter storm

About 325000 households still have no electricity on Thursday, up from 27 million on Wednesday and more than 13 million Texans see disruptions in their water supply

Utilities and heads of state like Abbott are increasingly criticized for the ongoing outages caused by freezing temperatures that started four days ago

Abbott said he has asked state lawmakers to enforce laws requiring all power generating facilities in Texas to “winterize” their facilities, as they do in colder states, in the hopes that future cold spells will not occur Power outages lead

“What happened to our Texans this week is absolutely unacceptable and can never be repeated again,” Abbott said at an afternoon press conference,

The governor pounded the Texas Electric Reliability Council (ERCOT), a cooperative that manages 90 percent of the state’s electricity He said he told officials before the storm that the power grid was ready for the cold weather

Judge Lina Hidalgo, the chief elected officer in Harris County, which includes Houston, said the number of unpowered homes in her county has dropped from 1 to 33000 down 4 million a few nights ago

“It is definitely a great advantage that most of the residents have electricity again,” said Hidalgo. “They were miserable days, really tragic days”

It warned of a “hard freeze” Thursday night that could cause setbacks and encouraged donations to food banks, with some residents struggling to secure food and water

Disgruntled residents have turned much of their anger on ERCOT Critics say they failed to heed warnings following a cold weather collapse in 2011 to ensure that Texas’s energy infrastructure, which is primarily based on natural gas, was winterized

Critics have also raised questions about Abbott’s leadership U.S. Senator Ted Cruz came under fire for flying his family to the Mexican resort town of Cancun with his family in the midst of the crisis. Republican lawmakers suspended his trip shortly after his trips were reported and said he would return to Texas and “get to the bottom of what’s going on”

The lack of electricity has cut water supplies for millions of people, further constrained hospitals’ ability to treat patients in the midst of a pandemic, and isolated vulnerable communities

As of Thursday afternoon, 797 public water systems reported malfunctions affecting 13, 2 million people, according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Most affected were told to boil their water

Nearly two dozen deaths have been attributed to the cold snap, and officials suspect there were many more

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