Students at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, were informed on Friday that the university was aware that virtual events were being held in honor of Black History.The month was targeted by bigoted individuals who for anti-black and anti-LGBTQ views use

“I am deeply concerned and sad to learn of the racist and bigoted zoom bombings that have taken place at non-academic student events in the past few days,” said Christopher J Molloy, the chancellor of Rutgers-New Brunswick, said in a statement on Friday

According to the statement, the “recent” attacks were carried out by people attending events hosted by the Paul Robeson Cultural Center and the Center for Social Justice Education & LGBTQ Communities

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“Zoom bombing” is the practice of an uninvited person showing up during a virtual meeting or event that they were not invited to The practice has become somewhat common during the pandemic as schools and businesses have many of their typical face-to-face meetings and events Events online have postponed to open the door to online intruders


Molloy said university officials and departments were working to investigate the incidents but believed the bigoted attacks were likely related to a larger international campaign

“This creates some challenges as it requires different jurisdictions and tech companies to be involved,” he said We will not resolve this overnight and such incidents are likely to recur before the perpetrators are identified so we need to remain vigilant to protect our community “


World News – AU – The events of Black History Month in Rutgers have been targeted by anti-black and anti-LGBTQ zoom bombers, officials are warning of that they might attack again