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There are fake reminder messages on social media today The Kardashian clan are working hard to remove an unedited photo of Khloé from the internet (and let’s face it, the earth in general)

According to page 6, the picture that was confirmed to be an authentic photo of Khloe Kardashian poolside recently surfaced online

Tracy Romulus, Marketing Director at KKW Brands, said in a statement, “The color-edited photo was taken by Khloé during a private family gathering and accidentally posted on social media without an assistant’s permission”

He added, “Khloé looks beautiful, but it is the copyright holder’s right not to want an image that is not intended to be published to be removed”

You may be wondering how exactly did the image show up on social media if it wasn’t meant to be at all? Well, after some digging, the picture appears to have been posted by the Kardashian clan’s grandmother, Mary Jane, mentioned in a now-deleted post on an Instagram Kardashians fan page, @kardashiansvogue

According to page 6, images of the photo were removed at the request of the family’s legal team, and it was also reported that it is not uncommon for teams to require accounts to delete photos that are illegally re-shared ”

Another source also told Page 6 that the photo was taken of Khloé while she was in the middle of a conversation

Since this raw image is running wild on all social media, mixed responses have been received Many comment that Khloé looks great without editing all of her pictures

I think this is just another reminder of how much of what we see on social media is really fake and especially edited, when will the majority of public figures like Khloé Kardashian just choose to make it real to keep?

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World news – AU – The Kardashians are trying to remove an unedited photo of Khloé from the Internet