Serbia has a first shipment of 150000 AstraZeneca vaccine doses received, in addition to the three vaccines already used

BELGRADE, Serbia – Serbia has an initial shipment of 150000 AstraZeneca vaccines received, in addition to the three other vaccines already used

The 7 million Balkan nation has administered more than 1 million doses to date, which is among the top results in Europe.Most Serbian citizens have received Chinese Sinopharm vaccines, followed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Russia’s Sputnik V.

President Aleksandar Vucic was at the airport on Sunday to greet the AstraZeneca broadcast from India, he said more than 750000 people had received the first shot and expressed the hope that the vaccinations will continue at the current rate

Meanwhile, the health authorities threatened to tighten anti-virus measures after the number of new cases and hospital stays increased every day

Epidemiologists say this is due to the fact that nightclubs and cafes are breaking virus restrictions and that Serbian ski resorts have been at full capacity all winter

– UK accelerates vaccination schedule; All adults receive until 31 July the first push

– What is safe after a COVID-19 vaccination? Don’t take your masks off just yet, scientists say

– Governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California are embroiled in political problems related to the pandemic

– Airlines plan to ask passengers for contact details

– There are no crowds during a coronavirus lockdown The Louvre in Paris is taking advantage of the downtime for renovation

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LONDON – The UK government wants every adult in the country by the age of 31 Administer a first dose of coronavirus vaccine in July, one month earlier than previous target

The goal is that everyone over 50 or with an underlying health condition by age 15 Received a shot on April 1st and not the previous April 1st target May

The makers of the two vaccines used by the UK, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, both have supply problems in Europe, but U.K Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Sunday that “we now think we have the supplies” to speed up the vaccination campaign

More than 172 million people have received the first of two doses of the vaccine since the UK The vaccination campaign started on December 8

The news comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with senior ministers on Sunday to finalize a “roadmap” for this national lockdown, due to be announced on Monday

AUSTIN, Texas – The number of deaths in Texas from coronavirus rose more than 200 on Saturday, while the number of people hospitalized with the virus fell, according to the Texas Department of Health

There were another 227 COVID-19 deaths, more than 4900 new cases and 7535 hospital admissions, a decrease from 222 people hospitalized, reported the department

Texas has had more than 2.5 million coronavirus cases since the pandemic started and more than 42000 deaths from COVID-19, the third highest death toll in the US, according to Johns Hopkins University

LOS ANGELES – A world skateboarding champion is among the five people in Southern California charged with organizing parties that were possible super-spreader events amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The Los Angeles Times reports that Nyjah Huston, a four-time world skateboarding champion, and Edward Essa, the owner of a house in the Fairfax District, held a party of at least 40 people last month, which was closed by police afterwards Receive complaint

JERUSALEM – Israel has unveiled a plan that will allow people vaccinated against the coronavirus to attend cultural events, fly abroad, and go to health clubs and restaurants

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the plan at a press conference on Saturday evening, saying that those who have been vaccinated will be able to download the “green badge” in the coming days

Israel has run the fastest vaccination campaign in the world in the past month and a half, getting almost half of its 9 vaccinations to 3 million people. With the coronavirus still spreading rapidly among the unvaccinated, the country only recently started out of a two month lockdown to come out

Retail stores, malls, gyms, some middle school classes, and other public services for limited crowds will resume operations on Sunday

Netanyahu said the government could not keep unvaccinated residents out of places like medical clinics, pharmacies and supermarkets, but he said other services would only be approved for those who received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine

For example,

Israel’s main international airport remains closed to almost all air traffic due to concerns about foreign variants of the virus entering the country

PODGORICA, Montenegro – Little Montenegro has started vaccinations against the coronavirus with doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccines donated by neighboring Serbia

Health officials said the first person to receive a shot on Saturday was a 66-year-old resident of a nursing home in the coastal town of Risan Next came two doctors who worked in the same nursing home

Montenegro, a nation of around 620000 inhabitants, has more than 70000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 939 known deaths reported

The Montenegrin authorities plan to deliver China’s Sinopharm vaccine and Pfizer BioNTech vaccine

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s official leading response to the pandemic is that it has tested positive for the coronavirus

The Deputy Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell tweeted on Saturday that he had mild COVID-19 symptoms on Friday evening and an antigen test was positive. He was waiting for the results of a PCR test that takes longer to process and that is generally more accurate

“I will work from home,” said López-Gatell, adding that he was involved in Mexico’s vaccination program

Around 200 came on Saturday000 doses of China’s Sinovac vaccine from Hong Kong to Mexico A total of 10 million Sinovac vaccines are expected

HONOLULU – The Hawaii Department of Health has temporarily widened the window Incoming travelers must have a coronavirus test, which turns out negative

, prior to arrival
The state says travelers can now take the tests up to 96 hours before their scheduled flight instead of 72 hours due to winter storms that devastated the continental underground

Testing has yet to be done by a federally recognized provider. Hawaii News Now reports the extension will be in effect through Sunday

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaskan health officials say 3000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine arrive later than expected due to a winter storm that devastated the continental underground

State vaccination program manager Matt Bobo said some vaccination appointments could be postponed to next week and doses should reach 21 different providers

State officials say they communicated with White House and U.S officials Centers for Disease Control on the Delay

PHOENIX – enrollment with US. Community colleges fell 10% from fall 2019 to fall 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic

According to The National Student Clearinghouse, community colleges have been hit hardest of all types of colleges in terms of enrollment numbers

Four-year universities in the US. It went better than many expected with only minor declines

The reasons behind the community college downturn are myriad of fewer freshmen enrolling, and some are delaying college until campus reopens fully.But the pandemic has also hit older adult students hard, many having lost their jobs or none Time for their own school as they oversee their children’s online classes

More Americans are turning to community college education to learn new professional skills or change careers in times of economic downturn, but education experts say the pandemic appears to have turned usual trends upside down. p>

PHOENIX – Arizona’s Maricopa County plans to close two of its six regional COVID-19 vaccination sites in the coming weeks as health officials place increasing emphasis on smaller locations and events to get more shots

The Honor Health-operated northern Phoenix county site will last be operational in February 28; Dignity Health’s Chandler website will be closed in early March

Officials say current appointments are being met at both locations047 additional confirmed COVID-19 cases and 59 deaths, bringing the total number of pandemics in the state to 806163 cases and 15480 deaths increased

LONDON – The UK government has announced a small step out of the lockdown that will allow nursing home residents to have a lone friend or family member visit them indoors

Residents and their visitors can hold hands but not hug March effective For months now, nursing home residents have only been able to see their loved ones outdoors or through screens

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he will announce a “roadmap” for the lockdown on Monday The government has insisted that reopening will be slow and cautious, with reopening of business or outdoor socializing unlikely before April, though the children from the 8th March will be going back to school

Johnson’s Conservative government has been accused of reopening the country too quickly after the initial lockdown in the spring, Britain has around 120000 coronavirus deaths recorded, the highest number in Europe

The new measures apply in England In other parts of the UKNursing home visiting rules vary, and Scottish residents can be from the age of 8 March have two visitors

PORTLAND, Oregon – Despite historic winter weather across the country causing delays in shipping and forcing mass vaccination centers to reschedule appointments, Oregon health officials say the state’s vaccination schedule is still on schedule

During the last week more than 10000 vaccine appointments have been canceled, people over 70 years of age can receive vaccination doses from Monday, people over 65 years of age from 1 March

In the past week, Oregon had an average of more than 14000 vaccinations per day As of Thursday, 12% of the state’s population had been vaccinated with first-doses and 5% of residents had been fully vaccinated

HELSINKI – Denmark has temporarily closed some border crossings with Germany and stepped up other controls due to an increase in COVID-19 cases and an increase in virus variants in the northern German city of Flensburg just outside the Danish border

The Danish Ministry of Justice announced late on Friday that more and more infections and virus mutations had been found in Flensburg, only about seven kilometers from the Danish border

The Danish Ministry of Justice said police will significantly step up border controls at the Danish-German border.The local authorities in Germany announced on the Flensburg website on Saturday that the city’s coronavirus incidence rate was 193 per 100000 inhabitants was

In the past few days in Flensburg, a city with around 90000 residents, dozen cases of mutated coronavirus discovered, mostly the variant first discovered in the UK

UNITED NATIONS – Great Britain distributed a draft resolution to the U. The Security Council demands that all warring parties immediately initiate an “ongoing humanitarian pause” so that people in conflict areas can be vaccinated against COVID-19

The proposed resolution takes up the Council’s request of 1 July reiterated after a “general and immediate cessation of hostilities” in major conflicts between Syria and Yemen with the Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan and SomaliaN General Secretary Antonio Guterres on 23 March 2020 to fight the coronavirus pandemic

The draft, received Friday by The Associated Press, “emphasizes the need for solidarity, justice and effectiveness and calls for vaccine doses to be donated from developed countries to low and middle income countries and other countries in need, including through the EU COVAX Facility, ”an ambitious World Health Organization project to buy and deliver coronavirus vaccines to the world’s poorest people

The UK draft stresses that “equitable access to affordable COVID-19 vaccines that are certified as safe and effective is essential to ending the pandemic”

It would recognize “the role of comprehensive immunization against COVID-19 as a global public health good in preventing, containing and ending transmission to end the pandemic”

The draft follows on from British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab’s appeal to the 15-member Security Council to pass a resolution on Wednesday calling for local ceasefires in conflict areas to enable the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines / p>

LOS ANGELES – The University of Southern California anticipates campus reopening in the fall and is working with major public universities in the state to resume the life on campus that was cut short by COVID-19

USC President Carol Folt issued an online letter Friday saying she was “cautiously optimistic” because virus cases have declined and vaccinations have increased USC and other universities across the country had to last March switch to online learning

Both the University of California and California State University systems have announced that they plan to reopen their campuses this fall, if conditions permit


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