The elephant references in Tame Impala’s 2012 single of the same name may be metaphors for a proud, pathetic, potential celebrity, but children’s band The Wiggles also know they can’t cover the song for their intended audience without a bit to be more literal and have one of the band members wear a large elephant head costume

In a somewhat surprising entry on Triple J’s cover series Like A Version, The Wiggles recorded a performance of “Elephant” that stays very true to the original until it takes a short detour to describe how delicious fruit salad is for the listener is

At first we just get a fairly simple rendition of the Tame Impala track, which is mostly characterized by some deep baritone verse and a bassist swinging a felt elephant trunk around halfway however the Wiggles pay homage to the hits they made and throw in a few psycho-verses of their classic ode to the fruit salad treat. The only missed opportunity is to have another member of the band play while they wear impala horns

In an interview about the cover we learn that The Wiggles chose “Elephant” because they both wanted to celebrate Tame Impala and, perhaps more importantly, because “The Wiggles love animals and we like elephants, there couldn’t be any purer ones Give reasons

If The White Stripes ever meet for a reunion, we hope Jack or Meg take note of this feat: any track adjacent to Elefanten can be improved by putting their head in at least one of the players who play it blurred costume wraps along the lines of the animal

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