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There’s an AI bot out there wreaking havoc on the internet right now, toasting people’s Spotify music, and you really need to face its ridicule

Just a few weeks ago all the Spotify Wrapped for 2020 were eagerly compared online. Honestly, it got a bit much. Cousin Paul’s favorite artist of the year was Billie Eilish? Cool Your aunt was in the top 05% of Taylor Swift listeners? Congratulations

Now a sneaky AI bot has arrived that can REALLY tell you how bad your Spotify is. Courtesy of the geniuses at The Pudding, uses the How Bad Is Your Spotify? bot. The “nifty AI” to “judge your terrible taste in music” ”

The experience is going to be a huge hit for any music snobs – and there are plenty of them out there – who have always boasted loudly about how great their taste in music is. This bot just doesn’t care

Once the bot has access to your Spotify account, it will go through your listening habits and then discuss it with bitter humor and searing honesty

The bot will cheekily ask if you’ve heard certain songs ironically (its question of whether I’ve heard Mac DeMarco’s “Ode to the Viceroy” hit me really hard) Plus, you can play an unexpected game “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with three of your favorite artists. The bot has no mercy

In the end, you get your base percentage for comparison with friends and family, and the bot sums up your musical tastes in hyper-specific and devastating details: For this author, “Your Spotify was instagram-your-tent -at-Sunset- Craft-Beer-Snob-Cabincore Bad ‘I really felt like a cheap man’s bon iver

Don’t be afraid because it’s just harmless fun really (if you can handle the fact that you are called 21% Basic) Follow the link here and just log into your Spotify account and leave the mess start!

How bad is your Spotify?

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