Posted: 07:29 GMT, Jan. January 2021 | Updated: 08:20 GMT, Jan. January 2021

Commuter chaos hit Sydney’s train network after a death on multiple routes resulted in long delays and made social distancing on crowded platforms difficult

After the death in Lidcombe on Thursday afternoon, buses replaced the trains in both directions between Strathfield and Parramatta

Commuters were packed shoulder to shoulder at Strathfield Station on Thursday afternoon (pictured) after an incident on the Western Line during rush hour

Despite significant warning, people warn 15 meters apart as part of COVID-19 precautions, the crowds had no choice but to grab the platform (Figure)

There are signs outside Strathfield Train Station (see picture)

advising commuters to keep their distance to prevent COVID-19

NSW’s Transport Management Center encourages anyone traveling on the network to allow plenty of extra travel time, especially on the north coast and western lines

‘Passengers should allow plenty of extra travel time on the T1 Western Line, T2 Inner West & Leppington Line, T3 Bankstown Line, T5 Cumberland Line, T7 Olympic Park Line, T8 Airport & South Line and T8 Airport Blue Mountains Line and the Central Coast & Newcastle Line, “the agency said on Thursday

Passengers housed on crowded platforms used social media to share their concerns about the increasing delays

Commuters, including cricket fans on their way home from the SCG test, were pushed five people low at some stations, making social distancing impossible

Although most wore masks, the incident has caused concern over the two coronavirus outbreaks in the greater Sydney area

The Western Line of Sydney’s train network was affected after the incident at Lidcombe station when commuters were stranded at nearby Strathfield station on Thursday afternoon (image)

Crowds waiting for trains going west Sydney had to wait en masse during Thursday rush hour (picture)

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